Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bandana Theme Reception

A couple weeks ago, my church honored a very sweet couple,
Charles & Patsy Escue. They have served at our church for
over 30 years, and we wanted to recognize them. I was asked to do the
decorations for it and was happy to help in any way possible =)
And of course, I enlisted the help of my mom and sister!!!
Since we had quite a few events at church recently with a "fall theme,"
I decided I wanted to do something different. Charlie is a good ol' country
boy, so I decided to use bandana's as the main decor with a red/white/black
color scheme. Here's a few pictures of the overall view of the room:

We had some scrap fabric and construction paper that we used for the
pennant. We threaded a needle with fishing line and wove it in and out at the top
of each fabric square, and attached the fishing line to the top of the black scrims with
thumb tacks. Straw wreaths were wrapped with bandana fabric donated by a
friend from church (thanks, Debi!) and the large, single felt flower was the
perfect touch (here's a tutorial on how to make the felt flower).
The white fabric that we used as curtains was already at the church, and 
we cinched them by using leftover fabric from the wreaths. Such simple and
easy ideas that all came together beautifully and cost next to nothing!  

The food was potluck (finger foods and desserts), brought by those
who attended the reception.  I had my mom wrap forks inside the napkins
and tie with a variety of ribbons, and we displayed them in a black basket
lined with a bandana.  The drink dispensers were decorated with a
bandana ribbon and a couple bandanas in the bottom of each dispenser.
The red runner on the food table was also fabric that the church already had =)

The lattice was decorated using bandanas that we borrowed
from many different church members. *As people dropped off bandanas
for us to borrow, we put their name on a small piece of masking tape
and immediately put it on the bandana. That way, we knew everyone would
get back exactly what they brought.* We tied the bandanas together
and attached them to the lattice using fishing line and little bit of white
duct tape.  The black fabric was draped to hide where the lattice
was hinged together. Since the church already had the lattice and black
fabric, this decoration did not cost a SINGLE penny!!!

The tables were decorated using a mixture of black and white tablecloths
(that the church already owns), mason jars, tissue paper flowers,
and a personalized frame. Thanks for letting us borrow the jars,
Mom and Debi! My sister made the tissue paper flowers (tutorial).
We attached them to a pipe cleaner (instead of floral wire), and weighted
them down by hot gluing two glass rocks to the end of the pipe cleaner.
Each mason jar was also tied with a cute, coordinating ribbon. The frames
were originally silver and used at my sisters' wedding for table numbers,
then we spray painted some of them black and used them to display prices at
a craft fair. So, for this reception, we just changed out the ribbon, and had my
mom type up 5 different things about Charlie and Patsy (information was
provided by the wife of the Escue's oldest grandson - thanks Jaime!) It was so
sweet and the perfect touch for the centerpieces! Too bad my iPhone pictures
weren't good enough to distinguish the words on the frames. A red bandana on
each table gave a pop of color, and black chair covers (from my wedding)
always dress up a room and instantly make it look so much nicer!


The dessert table also had centerpiece decor on it (minus the frame),
and we included another basket of forks. For the coffee cart, we used
leftover fabric from the wreath as a runner.

One of the family members (Jaime, who came up with the sayings for
the frames) also made a board of pictures of Charlie and Patsy
over the years. It was so sweet! It was even decorated with the
bandana theme =)  The personalized candle was from my sister and me.

And of course, we had to decorate the trashcans...
we couldn't have blue plastic trashcans out - that would
NOT have gone well with the theme!!!

So that's it for the reception decoration, BUT... I have to show you pictures of 
Charlie and Patsy because they are just adorable... here they are being
recognized during the Sunday morning service.  Aren't they so precious?!?

Charlie loves Southern Gospel music, so he, one of his
daughters, and his two granddaughters sang on Sunday morning.
In honor of Charlie, I decided to wear my cowboy boots (you can sort of
see them in this picture-teal dress in the choir loft), and Charlie loved them!! 

On Sunday evening prior to the reception, we had a Southern Gospel
music night. Charlie got up and sang a couple songs with some of the
band members from church. It was so much fun, and something different!

I was so glad to be able to help decorate for this reception... and
I was pretty plumb proud of myself for borrowing, repurposing,
and reusing things instead of buying new stuff =) 
Thanks Charlie and Patsy for your dedicated service to our church,
and to Christ.  Our appreciation is nothing compared to your riches
in Heaven! Have a wonderful day... and God bless! 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

First Craft Fair Ever!!

This past weekend, my sister and I entered our first craft fair! It was in
Louisville, KY where Rebekah lives, and was a fundraiser for a local Christian
school.  Just wanted to share our booth and the things that we made =)

We had an 8x8 square to fit all our items for sale. We brought
one 6 ft table, 1 folding table, and a hanging rack, as well as some
black cubes to put on the tables to give some height.
We came up with a booth name (because we were under the impression
that we HAD to) of "Peace Love & Craftiness." I made a pennant
banner to hang, and we attached burlap bows to each end of the pennant.
I know there's a lot going on in the booth, but I think it turned out pretty cute!!

One of my favorite items that we made were these fall flower
wreaths.... there were SO MANY rosettes! I have one hanging
on my front door at this very moment =) I think they are just beautiful!

Because Thanksgiving is right around the corner, we thought it
would be cute to personalize candles for this holiday in particular.
They say "give thanks" and are wrapped in cellophane and tied
with a bow. I absolutely LOVE these candles - and the possibilities
are endless as to what they can say =)

Handmade coasters... we had the best price at the entire
craft fair!! $1 each, buy 5 get 1 free!! We let customers
choose the set of coasters they wanted, and then if they were
giving the coasters as gifts, we wrapped them in bows and put them in
a cute tan paper bag with a bow on it, of course.  I have a fall set of
coasters at my house and I LOVE them =) And how about the way we
displayed our prices? Hand painted burlap inside pictures frames with
a bow! I can't take any credit for them though - that was all Rebekah!
We also had clothespins with cute little signs that we attached to different
items that stated how much that particular item was.  So cute =)

Fabric vases... 3 for $8. These vases are adorable and can be used
as centerpieces with flowers in them, or maybe as pencil/pen holders.
You can also see the booklet we made of the products we've done.
It turned out so cute, and it helped us to remember what our prices were.

These burlap placemats are so stinking cute... they each have different
words on them like crave, eat, mmm..., yum, delish, sweet, savory, nourish,
and on and on.  And the amazing thing is that my sister hand painted each
of them... no stencils! She's so talented =)

These fabric necklaces are super cute - they dress up a
boring white shirt instantly =) And they are one of a kind!

Christmas will be here before you know it... we had some
Christmas wreaths which were similar to the fall wreaths, a set of Christmas
fabric vases, and Christmas candles that say "love, joy, peace."
I can't wait to be able to hang the Christmas wreath on my front door!

Since the craft fair was in Kentucky, we made collegiate wreaths...
Louisville Cardinals and Kentucky Wildcats! We also made onesies
with matching socks for each school =)

We made lots and lots of ruffle socks... aren't they precious?!?
My neices have a few pairs of these, and they really do complete
an outfit on a baby! The camoflauge ones were the first to sell - how funny!

We made quite a few tutu's in different sizes - little girls
look so precious in these & they look great for pictures =)
Also, we made a few different nursing aprons - these have a
strap around the neck so no girlie parts get exposed while nursing.
This is a great baby shower gift that will most definitely be used
by a nursing mother! We have blue/brown polka dot, brown/white
polka dot, blue/black swirls, and pink/white flowers.

I've already blogged about these diapers wreaths here,
and we made some generic ones to take to the craft fair.
They say "It's A Boy" and "It's A Girl" and are adorable!

I am in love with these leopard and zebra wreaths!
I actually have a leopard wreath in my dining room since my
chairs are covered in leopard print fabric and I love it =)
And what little girl wouldn't love a zebra wreath with a pink
feather boa and jewels on it?!?

I think these Fourth of July wreaths are so pretty and patriotic! I know
the holiday is pretty far away, but these wreaths actually sold really well!

The seashell wreath-our very first sale of the day =) I made them for a bridal
shower that I helped throw this summer. I will blog about that one of these days!

There's a few other things that we made but I don't have a good picture of them.
All in all, doing the craft fair was so much fun! A vendor even asked us if we sold
our things on ETSY.  We told her that we haven't, and she said we should try to
because she thinks we would do well!  For right now, we are selling things to friends
and family, so if you see something you'd like, let me know!

Have a wonderful weekend, and God bless.