Friday, August 12, 2011

Diaper Wreaths

My favorite baby shower gift of all time... the Diaper Wreath!!
I've made at least 20 of these over the last couple of years, and they always
get lots of compliments and "oooooo's" and "aahhh's"... but they are SO
easy to make!  I promise that ANYONE can do it!

1 white styrofoam wreath
about 12 diapers (size 1 works well)
plastic hairbands
glue dots

Wrap the diapers around the wreath, securing with a plastic hairband.
The number of diapers used will depend on what size diapers you
use as well as the size styrofoam wreath you use. I prefer using
an even number of diapers (10 or 12 usually works).
Using the hairband makes it easier to tie the ribbon, because the
hairband is doing all the work of keeping the diaper closed together.
If the diaper has a design on the front that won't look good with
the ribbon, just wrap it with the back facing forward.

Tie a bow around each diaper. I usually use two coordinating
ribbons (which is why an even number of diapers is necessary),
but the same ribbon can be used for all of them as well.

Using stickers, place the name of the baby-to-be on the wreath.
I usually do their first name centered along the top, and the middle
name centered along the botton.  If you don't know their name, you
can put "Baby ____" and use the couple's last name =)

Depending on the stickers, I sometimes have to use glue dots to hold
them in place. Some stickers don't stay on the diaper very easily, and
the glue dots help keep them in the right spot.

Find the center diaper (which will be centered with the name).
On the back of the wreath, thread another ribbon around the one that's
already tied around the diaper.  Make a small loop and tie tightly. 
This is how the wreath will hang on the hospital door.

If you know the decor of the nursery, you can make the diaper wreath
to match.  I have some friends that have hung the wreath on the door
of their baby's nursery to add a little extra "cuteness" to the room =)

Here's just a couple of the wreath's I've made:

For my niece, Abby Brooke. I took the picture of it hanging on a
vacuum cleaner... but hey, I never claimed to be a photographer!!

For my second niece... at the time of the baby shower, the parents
hadn't picked a name yet.  So I did "Baby Raynes."  Then after they
decided on Tallie Brooke, I updated the wreath for the hospital door =)

This next wreath was for our Associate Pastor and his wife's third
child, Jonathan David.  It's the only picture I have of a BOY wreath.  

This last one, I made for someone I don't know =)
My friend at work was going to a baby shower for
one of her friends, so I offered to make one.
It turned out so cute - this is actually my favorite ribbon
now for a girl's wreath.  "Emily Dawn"

So, for the next baby shower you have to go to, try making
a diaper wreath... You will be glad you did! Plus, it's a much cuter
alternative to the "It's a Boy" and "It's a Girl" bows that they
sell in the hospital gift shop!! Have a great weekend... God bless!



Oh my goodness! I can so do this. Thanks!

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