Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I Heart Surprises

Yesterday was a fantastic day because I got not just one, but TWO surprises!!
First, a friend from church, Pam, called me and asked me to swing by her house
on my way home from work.  She had made a plate of cookies for me and my
husband! How sweet! We have gone to her house for a few different bible
studies, but since we are hosting a bible study at our house, we aren't able to
go to hers.  She just said she missed us and knew how much we loved those cookies!
She's so thoughtful and sweet! And the cookies were DELICIOUS! Thanks Pam!

THEN... I was looking through a box of things that my sister returned to me on Monday.
Something bright caught my eye, as I saw this cute set of summer "citrus" coasters that
she made... I guess it was my lucky day! I asked her if she meant to give them to me (like
maybe they fell in the box by mistake), but she said "of course they're for you!"  I had seen
the coasters on a blog (click here for the tutorial) and mentioned to Rebekah that we
should try to do them sometime.  And then, voila!, they appear at my house =)
It was perfect timing too - our bible study met last night, so they've already been used. 
Thanks sis... what a nice surprise!!


Rebekah Hinerman

aw yay! i'm glad you could use them already!! :) I actually just need to give you the set I made for myself ...since we don't have any furniture in our little apartment that we even NEED coasters for. lol

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