Tuesday, September 27, 2011

**Newest Nail Trend**

So I have GOT to share with you this new nail trend...
Sally Hansen Salon Effects Polish Strips!

Rebekah bought some and we decided to try them out
on her toenails.  She bought the houndstooth pattern for
about $10 at Target (but Wal-mart carries them as well).

The package comes with 16 strips of various sizes, a nail file/buffer,
and a cuticle stick (which I don't think we needed to use).

You start off by making sure the nails are clean - no polish.
Pick the strip that fits your nail the best.  We found out that
it's easier if you cut the strip in half before you stick it to your
nail (unless you have long fingernails and need more than
half the strip). Stick the strip on the nail. We used scissors to
cut the excess strip, and then used the nail file to make them fit
perfectly.  Be careful not to stretch the sticker too much so that you
don't warp the pattern.  And that's it!

Here's Rebekah toes finished =) And they last a long time - the
box says 2 weeks, but Rebekah had hers on for 5 weeks before
they needed to be redone.  But if you want to remove them, just
use regular nail polish remover.

I can't wait to get my hands on the leopard print ones - which
pattern will you choose? Have a great day... God bless!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Black & White Bridal Shower

In early January 2010, my sister threw me another wedding shower. 
The color scheme was Black & White... it was very classy!!
She decorated using white columns, black fabric, ferns, black "H" banners
(that she MADE), white feather boas, & white lanterns hanging from the ceiling.

The table settings were a mixture of black and white plates and bowls. 
Black and white candles lined the tables on top of a white satin fabric runner. 
The white boxes trimmed in black lace were the favors, which had a
mixture of candy and candy-flavored chapstick. 

Since the beginning of January is so cold in WV, Rebekah decided to have
 this shower at lunchtime with the hopes that the roads would be all clear if it
snowed. And what tastes better on a cold winter day than SOUP? She served
three different kinds of soup - Chili, Broccoli and Cheese Soup, and Potato Soup.
She made sure to include plenty of cheese and crackers with the soups, as
well as a veggie tray.  For dessert, Rebekah made black & white "mini cakes"
toppped with a strawberry, as well as chocolate covered strawberries.
The dessert plates were even decorated with a black and white "H!" Cute!

We knew the crowd that was invited wouldn't be very interested in playing
many games, so the door prizes (cute stationary) were for the first person to
RSVP, the first person there, and the person who had their dessert plate
marked with a red kiss stamp.  So instead of games for entertainment, Rebekah
set up a projector that looped a slideshow of our engagement pictures.
She also had love songs (think Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole) playing.

I realize that the pictures aren't the greatest - we really didn't take very
many pictures at all, and a lot of the ones taken were blurry! Maybe a
camera battery died or something, because we usually took more
than what I could find. But oh well... I promise, they DO get better the
more we throw showers! Anyways, thanks again to my sister, Rebekah
for throwing this adorable shower for me - it was perfect!
Hope you are all having a wonderful week... and God bless!

P.S. One of the presents I got was a "shoe fairy" ornamental piece...
How funny, and appropriate for me!!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Christmas Bridal Shower

Maybe it's because the weather has been so cool the last few days,
or maybe it's because all the stores have Christmas decorations out...
but I'm in the Christmas spirit!! So I thought I'd share with you 
~*~My Christmas Bridal Shower~*~

Isaiah and I got engaged on August 15, 2009... isn't he handsome???
Even before we were "technically" engaged, I knew that I wanted my
wedding to be in January of 2010.  So with only a five month
engagement, it's pretty impressive how amazing the showers were
that Rebekah had for me!  The timing was perfect for a Christmas theme
shower, and that's exactly what I got on December 4, 2009.

I wasn't allowed to help with ANYTHING because Rebekah wanted
me to be totally surprised.  And I was! When I walked in, all I saw were
Christmas trees EVERYWHERE! I think she had set up around 12!!
There were 12" clear snowflakes hanging from the ceiling (compliments of
my soon-to-be husband), ornaments, garland, tulle and Christmas wreaths
everywhere you looked.  Classical Christmas music was playing in the
background, and the room was lit up by candle light and white lights.
Rebekah used a mixture of REAL plates - no paper or plastic for me!
Some were plain white, some were black, others had Christmas holly on them.
She used red and white satin fabric as table runners, and lined tea lights all down
the center.  She served salad, lasagna, garlic bread, Christmas punch (which I
will HAVE to blog about closer to Christmas time!!!) and a mixture of desserts.

The Christmas tree pictured below was decorated with white feather boas
and snowflake ornaments.  The ornaments were the favors, so as everyone
left, they got to take one off the tree... just in time to enjoy it on their own
tree! This is me and one of my bridesmaids, Liz, posing in front of it.

Rebekah bought these fun headbands for the kids that were coming
to the shower... but a couple "big kids" enjoyed them too =)
Modeled by two more bridesmaids - Evie and Bethany.

The entertainment at this shower was HILARIOUS...
Rebekah got 12 people to do a version of "12 Days of Christmas,"
only it was "12 Months of Marriage."  Each one referenced something
particular to me and Isaiah (mostly Isaiah though), but it was stuff that
pretty much everyone knew about us.  Stuff about basketball, rock
climbing, softball, 4-wheeling, hunting, etc.  Each singer had a
corresponding prop as they sang their part.  It was so much fun!!!

The other game, (but I have no pictures of it) was a version of
"The Newlywed Game." Rebekah had interviewed Isaiah and
three husbands and asked them a series of FUNNY questions on
video. Then she had me and the three wives come up during
the shower to answer the questions.  It was nice because the men
didn't have to actually be present to play the game... they were on
video =) AND... guess who won?!? Me and Isaiah!!!

One of my favorite gifts from this shower was the garter that
my mom and Gramma made for me - it was camo, ivory lace,
and crystals! My husband LOVES to hunt, so I knew he was
gonna love seeing this!! Thanks mom and Gramma =)

Isaiah was so sweet to help Rebekah with this shower - he did a
lot of the heavy lifting and the dangerous work of climbing up in the
rafters to hang the snowflakes, and even stayed during the
shower and washed dishes!  He's so cute... and he's all mine =)

This shower was absolutely perfect and I loved everything about it!
Thanks sis, mom, dad, Gramma Gunter, Aunt Donna and Isaiah for
all the work you did - I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful family!

I can't wait to share with you the other two showers Rebekah
threw for me too... they were amazing as well!!
Have a great day, and God bless =)