Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Black & White Bridal Shower

In early January 2010, my sister threw me another wedding shower. 
The color scheme was Black & White... it was very classy!!
She decorated using white columns, black fabric, ferns, black "H" banners
(that she MADE), white feather boas, & white lanterns hanging from the ceiling.

The table settings were a mixture of black and white plates and bowls. 
Black and white candles lined the tables on top of a white satin fabric runner. 
The white boxes trimmed in black lace were the favors, which had a
mixture of candy and candy-flavored chapstick. 

Since the beginning of January is so cold in WV, Rebekah decided to have
 this shower at lunchtime with the hopes that the roads would be all clear if it
snowed. And what tastes better on a cold winter day than SOUP? She served
three different kinds of soup - Chili, Broccoli and Cheese Soup, and Potato Soup.
She made sure to include plenty of cheese and crackers with the soups, as
well as a veggie tray.  For dessert, Rebekah made black & white "mini cakes"
toppped with a strawberry, as well as chocolate covered strawberries.
The dessert plates were even decorated with a black and white "H!" Cute!

We knew the crowd that was invited wouldn't be very interested in playing
many games, so the door prizes (cute stationary) were for the first person to
RSVP, the first person there, and the person who had their dessert plate
marked with a red kiss stamp.  So instead of games for entertainment, Rebekah
set up a projector that looped a slideshow of our engagement pictures.
She also had love songs (think Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole) playing.

I realize that the pictures aren't the greatest - we really didn't take very
many pictures at all, and a lot of the ones taken were blurry! Maybe a
camera battery died or something, because we usually took more
than what I could find. But oh well... I promise, they DO get better the
more we throw showers! Anyways, thanks again to my sister, Rebekah
for throwing this adorable shower for me - it was perfect!
Hope you are all having a wonderful week... and God bless!

P.S. One of the presents I got was a "shoe fairy" ornamental piece...
How funny, and appropriate for me!!!


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