Tuesday, September 27, 2011

**Newest Nail Trend**

So I have GOT to share with you this new nail trend...
Sally Hansen Salon Effects Polish Strips!

Rebekah bought some and we decided to try them out
on her toenails.  She bought the houndstooth pattern for
about $10 at Target (but Wal-mart carries them as well).

The package comes with 16 strips of various sizes, a nail file/buffer,
and a cuticle stick (which I don't think we needed to use).

You start off by making sure the nails are clean - no polish.
Pick the strip that fits your nail the best.  We found out that
it's easier if you cut the strip in half before you stick it to your
nail (unless you have long fingernails and need more than
half the strip). Stick the strip on the nail. We used scissors to
cut the excess strip, and then used the nail file to make them fit
perfectly.  Be careful not to stretch the sticker too much so that you
don't warp the pattern.  And that's it!

Here's Rebekah toes finished =) And they last a long time - the
box says 2 weeks, but Rebekah had hers on for 5 weeks before
they needed to be redone.  But if you want to remove them, just
use regular nail polish remover.

I can't wait to get my hands on the leopard print ones - which
pattern will you choose? Have a great day... God bless!!!


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