Thursday, October 13, 2011

Barbie In A Box Halloween Costume

Halloween is right around the corner, so I thought I would share with
you THE best Halloween costume I've ever worn.... Barbie in a Box!!

My twin sister (Rebekah) and I got invited to a Halloween bridal shower
last year (2010). We really wanted to have a cool costume and knew that
everyone else would be dressing up too. We had planned all along on
another costume, and then less than a week before the shower, I came
across this idea.  Here was my inspiration:

 I knew we just HAD to do this!!!  My parents had a couple leftover
moving boxes that were used for hanging clothes.  They were the perfect size,
and they gave them to me.  I do have to admit, my husband did most
of the difficult work - I told him what I wanted and he figured out the best
way to do it, while I "assisted."  I know it involved gluing the boxes together,
then cutting out the hole for the front of the box, as well as cutting the
bottom of the box so we could walk with it. He also made "handlebars" so
we had something to hold on to while we were inside the box. And he attached
shoe boxes to the back of the box so we could rest against them but still
stay forward. For more detailed instructions, click here

I painted the outside of the box Barbie doll pink, and the inside lime green.
When Rebekah came in town the day before the shower, she hand painted
all the "details" and even surprised me by painting a UPC code - how funny!
We glued a clear shower curtain on the inside of the box to represent the
plastic on a real Barbie doll box. What do you think?!?

Rebekah also made a guitar out of cardboard, paint, and ribbon.  We made
my microphone using a paper towel roll, styrofoam ball, paint, and glitter.
Of course, we had to name our Barbie dolls =) Bridgette and Brooklyn...

 We bought the blonde wigs for about $5 each at Wal Mart, and bought fake
eyelashes,  but everything else we wore, I'm kind of embarrassed to admit.... I
already owned!! We drew Ken tattoo's on our wrists (while driving to the shower).  
All in all, we spent less than $20 total on this costume.... for the wigs, fake
eyelashes, paint, and the shower curtain.  Everything else, we already had. 
We spent a lot of TIME on it, but it was worth it!!!

By the way.... we won "Most Creative" costume at the Halloween bridal shower =)
Gotta say "THANKS" to my husband for all his help... maybe I should
call him "Ken"...?!?  Happy Halloween... and God bless!!



This is such a fun idea. Totally doing it with my twin!

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