Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Garden Theme Bridal Shower

Another bridal shower is in the books! Over the weekend,
my sister and I hosted a Garden theme bridal shower for a
family friend, Miss Samantha Yocke. It turned out better than I
imagined and is one of my favorite showers yet! My sister came
up with the Garden theme. It took some time for me to get on
board with it, but I'm so glad she talked me into it.

The invitation for the shower included the quote
"Life is a Garden and Love is in Bloom."

Here's a couple pictures to show the overhead view of the room:

One of the first decisions we made was the table runners. Instead
of using one long runner the length of the table, we decided to
have multiple table runners across the width of the tables.
Rebekah and my mom picked out a few different floral print
fabrics, and Rebekah made all the runners. It was time
consuming and a lot of work (for her!), but they looked great!
 The centerpieces was one of the last decisions we made. We
just couldn't decide what we wanted, but in the end, we decided
that we needed to incorporate more REAL flowers in the shower,
so flower centerpieces were the best way to do this. The tall vases
are from my wedding. The mini mason jars, which are probably the
 cutest little things ever, Rebekah found for FREE. Most of the flowers
came from a friend's yard (thanks Judy!), and I just bought a few purple
and yellow austemaria flowers to help complete the arrangements.

 The favors at this shower may be my favorite ones we've ever done!
Gardening gloves! Perfect, right?!? We already had all the white boxes
from my sister's wedding (5 years ago!). I added a ribbon and tissue paper
flower around each box, and Rebekah arranged the gloves in them.
I ordered the gloves online for about $1 each and loved the different prints! 

The felt flowers that we attached to the backs of the chair covers
were ones we already had from previous parties, but since they
worked perfectly with this theme, we just had to use them again!  

I thought the present-opening area was adorable- we used a bench
that was already in the church, added three pillows (took them off our
mom's back porch), and in front, put a rug. Rebekah also got this rug for
FREE.... can't get much better than that!!!  On the lattice, we hung scrap
fabric banners that Rebekah made - I love how they look!

 Thankfully, we had so many people offer to help us with the shower, and
we ended up not having to do any of the food or drinks! But we knew what
we wanted done for it - a Make Your Own Garden Salad Bar. Goes with
the theme perfect, huh? The shower was at 4:00 pm, so we didn't have to
provide a dinner meal, but we still wanted to serve something pretty substantial.
So the ladies in charge of the food put together the salad and all the
fixing's and even went the extra mile and provided fruit salad, potato salad,
and pasta salad! We also thought mini dirt cakes in terracotta pots would be
adorable... we already had a bunch of the pots from a previous shower, so
we didn't have to get many more. It was a fun touch! Also, a good friend of
the bride's mother makes delicious cookies - she made wedding cake cookies
for each person to take with them - and they tasted as good as they looked!

Behind the food table we hung pennants that had the
same quote as the invitations, along with a couple wreaths.
For the drinks, we had sweet tea, lemonade, water, and coffee. Our cups
were mason jars, tied with a scrap piece of fabric leftover from the table runners.
We added peach striped straws, which were a big hit - had lots of people ask
where we got them! (answer-Jo Ann Fabrics, but they're at Hobby Lobby too)

 A big huge thank you, thank you, and thank you again to Judy Gibbs, Debi Herbert,
Kathy Vallance, Sherri Taliaferro, and Linda Brewster for all your hard work!
I'd have to say, though, probably my favorite thing about this shower were
all the display areas we made. There were six areas total. There's so many
different elements that we used in the display areas that I think
I'm just going to point them out in each different area.

The first display area was at the entrace, right inside the door where
guests would arrive. For this area, we decorated with a pallet, paper rosette
ribbons, a mason jar of hibiscus flowers on a basket, a piece of wood
with the couples initials, and a sign pointing people which way to go.
The largest display area included 3 pallets, a "love" sign made out of
cardboard and moss, hot glued to the largest center pallet. There was a
water fountain, given to us by a friend of my mom's. My sister made a
mini pennant with the groom's last name that I stuck in a plantar topped
with moss. We hung some pictures on the pallets - one of the bride and
groom, and some of flowers that we dried and pressed. They turned out
so nice! We added candles, an arrangement of flowers resembling
the centerpieces, a wooden birdhouse, a tin can and a mason jar with hibiscus
flowers from my mom's yard, a moss and burlap wreath, and a wood block photo
of the couple. Some of these things were elevated by various things - a basket from
my house, an apple crate we borrowed, and a box from the church covered in fabric.  


(click HERE for a tutorial on making the wood block photo)

The next display area included 2 pallets, some more pressed flowers,
candles, birdhouse, wood block picture of bride and groom, a tin
tray with purple flowers, a wooden miniature chair, and another wreath.
 The third display area took some work. We knew we wanted to use this large
flower arrangement of my mom's. It needed to be elevated because of the
cascading vines, so we found a small table at the church and covered it with fabric.
We also added a small wagon with flowers (it's my mom's too) and more purple
plants in terracotta pots. But it just didn't look finished. Adding a pallet behind
the plant helped a lot. Then I grabbed a piece of scrap wood from my house, and
Rebekah used the couples initials and wrote M+S=<3. A birdhouse on the table
completed this area (all the birdhouses we used were already in the church attic!).

The fourth display area had a couple pallets, a purple potted plant from my mom's
house, more purple terracotta plants, and a picture of the place the bride
 and groom are getting married. We put a large pink floral plantar next to this
area - that came off my front porch.

We like to provide the paper and pencil for the gift list. Pretty cute huh?
The pencils were already wrapped in twine, leftover from a baby shower
that some friends of ours did a while back!

The gift table just had a picture of the bride and groom, and some flowers.
We knew there would be a lot of presents, so we didn't want to have much
of anything on the table. But it needed a little something!

The last display area in the room had one pallet. We used a couple apple crates
 and a fabric covered box for elevation. Here we displayed the door prizes that
we gave away... three of the prizes were chip and dip trays. They fit the theme
so well, and already came with a twine bow, so we decided not to wrap them.
The last door prize was from the parent's of the bride, and was a goodie basket
of coffee and treats. A few candles, flowers, and pictures finished this
area up, along with another pink floral plantar from my house. 

 The door prizes were handed out to the first person to RSVP (FYI, this is kind
of a staple at shower's we throw, because it's so important to RSVP!), the person
who had 3 flowers on the back of their chair cover, the person who brought
the 24th gift that the bride and groom opened (they picked the number), and the
 winner of the game that we played.
I'm not quite sure what to call the game that we played - basically, Rebekah
and I came up with a bunch of multiple choice questions. There were 6 tables
set up at the shower, so to begin with, each table was on a team. One
person from each team was the "spokesperson," and got 3 cards each with
A, B, and C on them. The bride and groom were their own team. Rebekah
would ask a multiple choice question about the bride and groom, and each
table's spokesperson had to hold up their answer. Then, the bride and groom
would hold up theirs. If you answered wrong, you were out. After the very
first question, only two tables remained! When only one table remained (which
was only a couple questions later), the game switched to where each
individual table member got their own set of cards and were playing against
each other - and they were still out if they guessed wrong.  

The questions were pretty silly ones - a few examples are:
1. What was Samantha's favorite part of Marc's proposal?
A. the location, B. the ring, or C. his creativity
2. Describe the first time Samantha and Marc met.
A. Awkward, B. Breathtaking, or C. Crazy
3. If Samantha and Marc got separated in Wal-Mart,
where is Marc most likely to be?
A. in the cookie aisle, B. in the movie aisle, or C. in the bathroom
After the game, we moved into the beginning part of the gift giving.
Rebekah and I had a gag gift for Samantha. As I read a poem,
Samantha kept opening her gift to reveal what the poem was
describing, and Rebekah would hang them up... so here's the poem, partially
from websites, but mainly written by our dad of all people! HAHAHA!
These undies are to last you all throughout your life
And Marc will be pleased to say, he has a sexy wife.

So listen up to hear about your lifelong panty plan
This underwear, we have no doubt, will last your whole life span.

The first are for your wedding day, of course they are pure white.
We know that Marc will shout "Hooray!" when he sees you on that night.

The next are for your honeymoon, they're sexy and all lace
But we hope you'll leave your room, 'cause Jamaica's a gorgeous place!

On Valentine's Day you'll wear this pair before you hit the bed
'Cause Cupid's arrow in the air shoots tushies that are red.

After a year has passed you'll face anniversary number one
With these you'll surely have a blast 'cause leopard's so much fun!

When year five comes rollin' in, don't worry, don't you fret
You'll still be young and beautiful; this bikini is your best bet.

Then when the time is right, and don't be saying, "maybe"
You'll wear your little pink or blue in honor of your baby.

When ten years pass, they will fly by; the flame will still be burnin'
This two-tone pair will light the fire, that's for sure and certain!

When your years together become 25, things sag and turn to cellulite
Please don't panic, just put these on, these Spanx will hold it all tight!

When finally you're old and gray, with these you can't go wrong
'Cause sorry Sam, but at that age, you just can't wear a thong!

The time will come, a long way off, when panties just won't do
The bladder just won't hold it all, so these Depends will work for you!

Life is truly an uncertain thing, you might live in a mansion or shanty
But one thing for sure you know, you'll have a lifetime span of panties!
We just loved doing this shower, but even more, we love the bride and
her parents! They are a wonderful family and we were so glad to get to
throw this shower for them! And the groom was very precious - I can
tell that Miss Samantha Yocke is going to be well taken care of by him!
Aren't they so cute together?!?
And the VERY BEST part of throwing showers is
getting to spend more time with my sister!!!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Cabin Bedroom Part 2 - Wood Pallet Headboard

Almost from the beginning of the cabin decorating process,
I knew I wanted our room to have a wood pallet headboard. I wanted
our room to have a more rustic feel to it, especially since that style
doesn't work in our own house. So everything that I've done up to this
point has been done with a pallet headboard in mind.
(click HERE for the previous post about our cabin bedroom)
I found some inspiration pictures on Pinterest to help figure
out what to do. While ours didn't turn out exactly like any
 of these three, they helped me figure out what I wanted.
I knew this was a project that my husband would need to help me with,
and luckily, he liked this headboard idea, so it wasn't too hard to talk him
into helping me. He was able to get a ton of pallets for free... BUT this still
ended up being an expensive project, because Isaiah bought two power tools
to complete it (I think it was a good excuse for him to purchase new "toys!")

Anyways, Isaiah first tried to pry the pieces of wood off the pallet with a
crow bar, using force. That was NOT the right way, because the wood
would just split every time.  So he used a sawzall to cut the nails away
from the wood. This approach worked very well. We decided it would be
easier to sand the entire pallet before disassembling them with the sawzall.
As Isaiah removed the planks, he set them next to me to stain.
Now, there's so many different things you can do to treat wood to change
the appearance of it. I found something online that looked pretty easy, and
it seemed like it would just age the wood, giving it a rustic look. I'm sharing
the screenshot from a website that I used to show what we purchased and the
instructions for it (don't mind the text message alert from my sister at the top haha!).
You just brush on with a flat paint brush, then use an old rag to wipe the excess off.
In the picture below, the top board has been
treated with the glaze.  The bottom board is one that
is untreated.  What a difference! 

Since all the pallets were made from different kinds of the wood, the glaze
didn't look exactly the same on each piece. Isaiah kept reminding me that
we were going for "rustic," which he equates with "imperfect," which isn't
 really a word in my vocabulary! But as it turned out, I'm glad they looked
slightly different.... I think it's more interesting that way.
**Please don't judge how messy our garage is**
The ceilings in our room at the cabin are sloped, but on the wall the bed is on,
it's about 12 feet tall (I believe!). I wanted the headboard to be the focal
point in the room, so it really needed to be taller than the average headboard-
I decided it should come up about 8 feet in the room. That meant that it
needed to be about 6 feet tall, since it would start a few inches below the mattress.
Isaiah laid out pieces of wood as a rough "frame" for me to design the wood
headboard pieces.  We only had 3 planks that were 5 feet long, so I spaced those
out on the headboard, with one of them being at the very top. Then I had to find
pieces that were similar in height to each other to combine in each row.
I used a variety of combinations - 3 pieces to a row, 2 pieces to a row, some met
in the middle, etc. Kind of like organized chaos - I didn't want it to look like
it was a pattern, but I also didn't want to have two similar rows next to each other.
After I got done doing this, Isaiah cut the pieces to fit.  He used the top plank that was
5 feet long as a guide to getting the other rows to be even. Please take some time
to appreciate one of Isaiah's newest power tools!
Then, it was time to nail. I'm not sure exactly how he did it,
but he used spare boards as a backing to the headboard to nail
each piece in. We didn't have any boards that were as tall as we needed,
so he had to improvise to extend the boards with more wood.
This part actually went a lot faster than I thought it would!
I would hand Isaiah the pieces in the order that they needed
to be nailed in to help the process go a little faster.
Here is the semi-finished product....
Because the wood planks aren't perfect, there were a couple places in the
headboard that you could kind of see through. Isaiah put spare pieces of
wood behind those places to kind of cover them up.
The nails were too long and stuck out the back of the headboard. We
easily snipped these off using pliars, and hammered them sideways to the
headboard so they wouldn't ruin the wall. 

 So over the weekend, Isaiah took the headboard up to the cabin. I couldn't
go because I was throwing a bridal shower (post about that to come soon!)
 My husband sent me this picture of his design addition to the headboard...
not gonna lie... I was a little nervous that he was serious!!!
I wasn't planning on the lights going up over the weekend, but
my husband and brother-in-law don't mess around! I decided to
get sconces for both sides of the bed instead of lamps. There isn't
room for a nightstand on the left side of the bed (well, when the
closet doors get added, there won't be room when the doors are
opened-there's only about a 7 inch depth). Eventually, the plan
is for the sconces to be on a dimmer switch, but for right now, it's not.
My husband tried to explain the technical side of why they couldn't
do it this weekend - but my summary of it is, "It's not on a dimmer switch
now, but it will be one of these days."  On a side note, just look at all these
tools on the WHITE bedspread-I about died when Isaiah sent me this picture!

I didn't even instruct Isaiah on where to put the switch, but he put it
exactly where I wanted it-beside the bed! Or maybe that was his sister's
suggestion/decision? Either way, I was happy! It might seem like a weird
place for a light switch, but I wanted it next to the bed instead of at the door.
Since we are using the sconces in lieu of lamps, I wanted the switch to be
in a convenient location so we could use them the same way lamps are used -
basically, I want to be lazy and not get out of my bed to turn the light on/off!
I've got an idea or two of how to hide the light switch with it still
being easy to acces, but not sure what will actually work.

A big THANK YOU to my brother-in-law, Mark, for helping us with
this project... and the only thing he is "charging" me is a Sopapilla
Cheesecake! Pretty good trade off, in my opinion!

 Lights off....

Lights on....

Hoping to make some more progress on the room in the
next couple weeks.... stay tuned =)