Monday, July 22, 2013

Cabin Bedroom Part 1 - The Bare Bones

My husband and his side of the family are building a cabin
on Summersville Lake in West Virginia. It's to the point
now where I get to decorate... so of course, that's what I'm
excited about doing! I'm going to do a series of posts about our
bedroom at the cabin, but it'll be a little while before it's "finished."
Especially since I am the queen of changing my mind...
So for now, I'm sharing what I consider the bare bones of the
room.  While the square footage of the room is pretty small
(about a 10x12 ft room), the ceilings are very tall, so it
really does make the room seem bigger.
I chose Benjamin Moore's Rockport Grey paint color for
the walls. The ceilings and floors are the same as the rest of
the cabin - hardwood, stained walnut I believe.

Since I picked the paint color without having anything else
picked out, I set out looking for something to be an inspirational piece
for the room that would coordinate with the paint color. I didn't have
a paint swatch of any kind, but I pulled the color up on my phone
to kind of help me see what would coordinate. I found these pillows
that had a mixture of blues and green's, and these curtain panels that
looked good together. The colors were soothing and a great balance
of not-too-girly-but-not-too-manly.
Curtains up close
I actually bought 2 white quilt sets and 1 gray quilt set to see what
I would like best in the room. I ended up keeping the lightweight white
quilt with a rectangle-thread pattern. I also got a darker gray blanket
to help visually anchor the bed since we aren't going to have a footboard.
Isaiah's mom already had a frame for this queen size bed that she gave
us. We put the bed on risers to help maximize under the bed storage.
 After making the bed, I quickly realized I was going to need a bedskirt
to hide the storage under the bed. Originally, my plan was to get another set of
the curtains so my mother-in-law could make a bedskirt to match. After searching
at about 7 different TJ Maxx stores, I couldn't find anymore of the same curtains.
So I bought 6 OTHER curtains hoping one would coordinate.  I found one to
coordinate, only to realize that I would actually need 3 curtain panels to complete
the bedskirt, and I only had 2. I haven't been able to find another yet, so it's on to
Plan C... I went to Target and bought 2 different white bedskirts. Time will tell if 
these work - I haven't been back up to the cabin since I bought them.
I found this accent table at Home Goods. It's a good height for a nightstand
considering the bed is 5" higher than what most beds are. Unfortunately,
we don't have room to put a nightstand on the other side of the bed
(unless we moved the bed off center of the room, which I didn't particularly
want to do either)... so I'm not 100% sure what I'm going to do on that side,
but I've got a few ideas in my head for it. But at least I didn't have to find
matching tables! AND... my sister-in-law got $20 knocked off the price by
pointing out two places that looked slightly damaged - one place was on the back
of the piece, which will never be seen. The other place was a piece of wood that
was chipped off the inside of the drawer... but the piece was actually in the drawer,
so we were able to glue it back to where you would never know! Thanks Kelly!
At the same time, I found this other piece of furniture. The room isn't really
big enough to have an entire dresser in it, so I like that this is a smaller piece
that complements the bedside table. And adding the same baskets to both pieces
helps to make them look more like coordinating pieces.
 I bought four different mirrors for our room to see which one I'd like
best... I decided to keep the one that had some color to it, but was still
pretty rustic looking.  It just went better with the furniture I have.
However, up to this point, I've only returned 1 mirror - we hung one
in the living room at the cabin, and Kelly (my sis-in-law) might use
one in her room. So that worked out pretty well!
I found these 8x10 picture frames that are a perfect match to the mirror.
While I don't love the fact that they are so completely matchy-matchy,
I decided I can't be TOO picky, and kept them. I also wish I could have
found more than 3, but I'm keeping my eyes open. Hopefully I'll get
pictures in them sooner rather than later, but I'm notoriously bad about
hanging pictures up and never putting anything in them!
I bought two rugs that have a woven basket look, but they are actually very
soft and cushiony! I actually wanted a runner-length rug to help soften
the room up - but Kelly and I decided that if we butt the rugs up together
and put a few stiches in to connect them, it would look like a single rug.
I am pretty excited about everything so far - but it still has a long
way to go!! Headboard, lights, closet, bedskirt, blinds, storage,
and some other decorative pieces are all on my to-do list.


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