Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pumpkin Cookies

I made three batches of Pumpkin Cookies within the last week... and I promise
 that if you make them, you won't be disappointed! They are YUMMY!
And honestly... it's a little bit embarrassing how EASY the recipe is.
1 box of spice cake mix
1 can of Libby Pumpkin (15 oz)
1 container of whipped cream cheese icing
**makes approximately 25 cookies**

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
Mix the spice cake and pumpkin together until smooth.
Line on a cookie sheet, and just FYI, the cookies will end up
looking pretty much exactly like they look when you put them on
the baking sheet, so you will want to shape them as best you can
with the mixture being as thick as it is. Bake for 10-12 minutes.
Let the cookies cool for about 10 minutes. Top with icing, and enjoy!!

All Done:

I gotta give credit to my friend, Jennifer Alley, for this delicious
 recipe - she LOVES all things pumpkin, and I"m so glad she shared
these with me... it's turned out to be one of my husband's favorite desserts!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hollywood Theme Bridal Shower

Over the summer, my sister and I threw one of the best showers,
(in my humble opinion), to date!! The theme was Hollywood, and I
think we hit it spot on!  I have had this idea for over a year, and
finally got the chance this summer. 

All the invitations I saw online looked cheesy - like for a kid's
birthday party or something. So we designed our own, using red cardstock paper
and rhinestones.   I think it turned out perfectly!

My favorite piece of decor at this shower was the huge
HOLLYWOOD sign that we made - and it was also one of the
cheapest and easiest pieces of decoration to make! We just printed
the letters onto transparency paper, traced them on cardboard, cut them out,
painted them white, and then used spray glitter to make them more glitzy.
To hang them up, we put a ton of duct tape on the back, and then accented
them with some spotlights. I loved it!

 I also REALLY loved the red ropes that we made for the entrance to the
party.  Our church already had these metal stands. We bought insulation foam
from a hardware store, and wrapped red fabric around it. To attach to the metal stands, 
we threaded the foam with fishing line, and wrapped it around the top of the stand. 
We then sprayed painted styrofoam balls with a couple coats of gold glitter
and added to the top.  I thought they ended up looking amazing!
Of course, what's a Hollywood shower without a red carpet? I ordered this
online - it was pretty simple to put down because it already had double sided
tape on it. But it was a lot of work to clean up the residue that it left behind.
I had this idea that I really wanted a photo op section, like how celebrities always
have their picture taken with the logo of the event they are at in the background.
So we printed signs on the computer and hung them with double sided tape
to get a similar look. And of course had to add red fabric to that section to still have
the red carpet look!
We also displayed my second favorite part of the decorations next to the photo
area... a huge poster of the bride and groom that looks like a movie cover!
My sister works with someone who's husband does this kind of stuff, and he was
generous enough to do this favor for us! It's the cover of the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith
(Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie), but with the bride and groom's faces superimposed.
 It turned out SO good... and really just made the Hollywood theme
seem that much more realistic!
The tables were decorated using candle holders from my wedding, connected
together with clear beads, also from my wedding.  The table runners are red satin
fabric, from my sister's wedding. We made placemats using a couple different
images of chandeliers, the couple's monogram, and Mr. & Mrs. Greene. We just
printed onto cardstock, and sprayed with silver glitter. We made
the napkin rings using red ribbon and the same decorative piece that I
used on my wedding invitations, just to add a little more sparkle on the tables. 

The chair covers were decorated two different ways. One was gold and silver stars
that our church already had, safety pinned to the covers. The other was a movie title
and brief description of the movie flanked by a movie curtain.  

We splurged a little on some chandeliers from Hobby Lobby that we hung pretty
low over the tables, but I think they were a great touch!
I also loved the present-opening area... we brought in a red couch that is in the
office of our Children's Director, who also lent us the white feathered "Ooh La La"
pillow. We layed down a leopard print blanket as a rug since the red carpet
clashed with the red couch - just to break up the colors a little so it wouldn't be as
noticeable. Behind the couch were two handmade chandeliers. We made these by stringing
clear beads onto fishing line (the beads were all FREE from someone at church!)
and draping them around a hula hoop covered in black fabric.  While each chandelier
cost a whopping $1 to make (cost of the hula hoop), it was pretty difficult to hang evenly.
We then hung white icicle lights down the front of the black scrims, and covered them
with white sheer fabric. The pictures just don't do it justice - it looked so good! 
We served SO MUCH food at this shower - it was unbelieveable! I wanted
to do tons of appetizer type foods.... and was so thankful that many people
offered to help bring the food!

The game we decided to play was a little like  "Do You Know the Lyrics?"
We had songs from different movie genres - Disney movies, Romantic Tragedies,
and Action movies. The contestants took turns as we played
a song - when the music stopped they had to fill in the number of blanks of the next
part of the song. It was so funny to hear what the contestants actually came up with!

**When the game wasn't going on, we had an old Hollywood movie
playing on the screen, just with no sound. It was a nice touch**  

The door prizes were bags that were decorated to look like a Grammy,
an Emmy, and an Oscar. Inside were movie tickets, movie candy, and
popcorn. Didn't they turn out so cute =)

The favors for this shower was another one of my favorite parts...
we bought a bunch of earrings, and I cut out a bunch of celebrity faces
from US Weekly magazines. We glued the faces onto cardstock
that said "Thanks for coming, Doll!" and put the earrings on that.
We put the favors in this cute black and white hatbox that we borrowed.

At the end of the night, we asked that all the guests take a picture in the
photo op area before they left.... and everyone really got into it! We
gathered up all the "ladies" that we made that directed people back to
the gym, and they were used as props during the picture time.

After waiting so long to throw this shower, it definitely all came
together beautifully- thanks to all the work from my sister, my
mom, and Judy Gibbs... the hostesses =)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Gorilla Glue Vase

Decided to share how I made a cute vase that I use a LOT,
(and I keep making more of them - I have 10 now!)
using a vase and candlestick holder that I rarely ever used before.
Both the vase and candlestick holder are from the dollar
store, and Gorilla Glue can be bought at any craft store. 
I just put gorilla glue around the top of the candle stick
holder, and placed the cylinder vase on top. Let it stand
for a little while until you see that the glued has expanded
and dried. And that's it!! I like combining these because the
candlestick holder makes the cylinder vase a little bit fancier,
and it elevates the vase to a height that I prefer to use.
 Hope you are having a great day!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

DIY Kid's Sports Dress

My sister-in-law asked me to look for some new
Marshall stuff for my niece, Tallie, since she had
grown out of everything she had from last year, except
her adorable bottlecap bow.  So I went to a couple stores
looking for something, and just was NOT impressed with
anything I saw. So, of course, I decided to *make* her something
instead!  And this is what I ended up with:

I bought a plain white cotton dress, iron on letters, and
ribbon... all from Hobby Lobby. I ironed on "let's go HERD"
and then made some bows using my mini-bowdabra, tied
them onto the shoulders, and that's it! I'm so glad I didn't buy
a plain Marshall t-shirt, which would have cost more than this
DIY custom outfit that my niece looks so precious in =)
OF COURSE, I couldn't make one niece an outfit, and not
 the other! So Abby got a custom WVU dress =)
They looked so adorable in these outfits yesterday!!!!
Abby's says WVU FAN since I couldn't spell out let's go with
the package of letters that I got.

I look as tired as I felt in this picture, but I think Tallie looks so
precious that I had to include it - and Abby looks so sweet just
staring at Tallie! I'm so blessed with cute nieces =)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Marshall Wreath

Marshall's first home game of the season is TODAY... here's
the Marshall themed wreath I made to show our support. I think
this is a craft that my husband will actually approve of!

4 prong wreath 
floral wire, cut into pieces 
deco mesh (21")
wooden M and U letters
paint and foam paintbrush
I started from the inside of the wreath, and just bunched
the deco mesh around the wreath form three times, attaching it
to the wreath form with floral wire each time I wanted to secure a
"bunch." I tied black and white ribbon around the wreath. Then attached
the painted letters with hot glue, and it's done! I know some people make
these kinds of wreaths with TONS of decorative stuff on them, but I wanted
to keep mine a little more simple, so it can be displayed for both football &
basketball season.  Anyways, here's pictures of the progression of making it:

The first "bunch":

After the first time around:

After the second time around:

After the third time around:

After some ribbons were added:

Final product:


Monday, September 3, 2012

Initial "H" Wreath

I wanted something new and different on my front door,
but I have been so busy that I just hadn't had time to make anything.
So I decided to reuse something from one of the bridal showers that I
hosted this past spring - and I love it!!

This "H" was attached to an old window for a display (click here to see it
at the bridal shower). At the shower, it stood for "Hernandez," but since
my last name is "Haynie," I figured I might as well get some use out of it.
I just hot glued ribbon on either side of the H, and had a "custom" initial wreath!

How I made the initial letter to begin with:
Printed the letter onto a transparency sheet
Traced the letter on cardboard
Cut using a boxcutter
Hot glue reindeer moss (from the dollar store) to cardboard

I definitely think it's unique, and cost next to nothing to make!
I'm so glad I didn't throw it away after the shower!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Cutest Fans Ever!

In honor of the Marshall/West Virginia game today, here is a
picture of my nieces, Tallie and Abby, from last year's
game! They are seriously the cutest fans ever, right?!?
Tallie's parents went to Marshall (like me!) and Abby's parents
are WVU fans. So of course, the girls had to represent!
I ordered the bottlecap bows from a friend of mine - click here
for a link to her blog, just in case you decide to order one!
I made the onesies using iron on transfer paper - each school's
logo with "Mini Marshall Fan" and Mini Mountaineer Fan" underneath.
The back of the onesie's had their first and middle names in
all capital letters like a football uniform =)
The no-sew tutu's were made using tulle and ribbon.
I made a Marshall outfit (today actually!) for Tallie for this
year - will post about that when I get a pic of her actually in it!
Hope your day has been great, even if your team didn't win!!