Thursday, May 16, 2013

Grilled Zucchini Recipe

I love that it's grilling weather now... which means my
husband will cook even MORE than he already does!!!
This past Sunday, we cooked lunch for my mom
for Mother's Day, and tried a new recipe for zucchini
that I got from my friend, Liz.
All you do is chop the zucchini, marinate it in
Italian dressing for about 30 minutes, put on kabobs,
then throw it on the grill. Cook until they are soft,
probably about 20 minutes or so.  Be careful, because
they will slide VERY easily off the kabobs!
Two zucchini's were plenty for 4 people.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Chevron Baby Boy Wreath

I made this wreath for a coworker of mine last week, which was
just in time... because Hendrix (such a cute name!) was born the
very next day! I knew the nursery was decorated with an Ohio
State theme, so I figured I could use gray and red colors on
the wreath, and it would blend in with their nursery too.
This was SO simple to make...
I got the wreath, chevron burlap ribbon, and
letters from Hobby Lobby. I already had
the twine and paint.
The chevron burlap ribbon was JUST enough
to wrap the wreath with - 5 yards of ribbon on a 14" wreath.
I painted the front of the letters red and hot glued
them down the side of the wreath.  Tied a twine ribbon at
the top to hang it with, and it's all done!

I also bought stuff to make myself a chevron
wreath... hoping to make it soon....!!