Thursday, October 31, 2013

Beak's Halloween Party

My sister helped throw a Halloween party over the
weekend for her small group at her church... and I
love everything that they had! It looks "spook-tacular"!
Here's the invite she sent out... I love the fonts!!
They served TONS of food (no tricks, all treats!) and
labeled everything a gruesome or scary name... so creative!


The tables were decorated simple but so cute....
the centerpieces were made just by printing a picture
on computer paper, cutting it to size to fit in the glass
vase, and then put a flameless candle inside.
This first picture you can't tell how it glows, but scroll
down and you'll see! It looks amazing!

My sister looked so cute... she made a parrot costume out of
feather boas! She wanted to kind of coordinate with her husband,
who doesn't really like to get all costumed up, but went as a pirate
I think it's cute that Rebekah was a parrot and her nickname is BEAK =)
And this is one of my favorite costumes that was there....
Mr. and Ms. Pacman! They won the prize for the most creative =)
 Great party sis! I wouldn't expect anything less from you =)
It definitely looks like everyone had a great time!! 

Happy Halloween everyone!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Decor... & Some Pumpkin Painting

This is the first year I've ever put out
any fall/Halloween decorations INSIDE my
house... I didn't go all out or anything, but
I really like the little bit that I did! It's a good
start anyways, and I think I'll just keep adding
to it each year, because I kinda like it!  
I already had the black stands and orange burlap.
I found the candle at Marshall's, and the owl and
pumpkins came from Big Lots! I couldn't believe
what cute stuff they had there!! While I like everything
that's on the table, I still think it's missing something...
But at this point I will just wait til next year to add to it.
I really like the mixture of the white, silver and black items.
I found this cute little towel at Target for $1... you can't
get much better than chevron and polka dot pumpkins!
For one of the guest bathrooms, I found
this adorable hand towel from Target.
The glittery pumpkin is also from Big Lots.
And this is one of the printables that I shared
last year (click HERE). I'm loving it!!

The second guest bathroom is decorated more for fall than
for Halloween... and I only just added a multi color pumpkin
(another find from Big Lots). It's the same colors that the bathroom
is done in, so it really looks perfect in there. I like it =) 

So that about sums up the inside decorating that
I did this year.... not a bad start, right?!?
The rest of this doesn't have anything to do with decorating,
but I'm adding it because it all happened around the same time.....
We had some friends over for Sunday lunch a couple weeks
ago. I grabbed plates, napkins, and cups from Target for $1
each, and the bowls and straws from the dollar store.
I borrowed this burlap pennant from our church (one of the
many random but useful things that I'm glad was donated
to the church...  instead of just throwing it away).
I made potato soup (click HERE for the recipe) & cheesy
crescent rolls. One family brought delicious pumpkin
 pie, and another family brought appetizers - pepperoni
chips, perogies, and sausage dip/chips! Yum Yum!
There were four kids that came over with their parents,
so I got the supplies for the kids to paint and decorate their
own pumpkin. It entertained them and was a really easy
setup... I got a couple plastic tablecloths from the dollar store
and put one on the floor and one over the table. I set out
paint, eyeballs, poms, glitter, and glue and let the kids have at it!
They had fun and so did I.... but the pumpkin I painted ended
up looking more like an Easter egg... wrong holiday, Rachel.
 Happy Halloween!!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mexi-Pot Roast in the Crockpot Recipe

I don't really know what to call this recipe, so
I'm calling it Mexi-Pot Roast.... if you know
the real name of it, please tell me! My mom gave
me this recipe after she had it at one of her friend's
parties... and I'm so glad she did!!!
shoulder/bottom roast
16 oz of salsa
rice (saffron is best, brown rice is good too)
sour cream
shredded cheddar cheese
You literally just put the roast in the crock pot and
dump the salsa on top of it. Let it cook on low all day.
(I was gone for 11.5 hours and the roast was so tender!)
Serve over rice, and top with sour cream and cheddar cheese.
Then mix it all up and dig in! It's delicious!! 


Friday, October 18, 2013

"BOO" Halloween Wreath

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new Halloween
wreath!! I only have one other Halloween
wreath (click HERE to see) and I've used it the
past couple years. So I knew I wanted to do
something different this year. I'm so happy
with how it turned out!!! What do you think?!? 
Here's the supplies I used. I found the spider at the
dollar store!! Also, not pictured is black paper and
yarn, as well as a hole punch and hot glue gun
The spray paint is Pumpkin Orange, and I ended up
using the entire bottle on the wreath. It took a few coats
to get all the crevices. I love how scraggly this wreath is too!!

I already had the burlap pennant triangles, so all I had to
do was cut out black letters and glue them on the burlap.
I hole punched each triangle four times and strung black
yarn through it, then tied the yarn around some of the twigs.
In all honesty, the pennant is a little bigger than I would
prefer, but I already had it and didn't feel like messing with
it to make it smaller, so I left it the way it was.
I hot glued the spider, and then added a black/white striped
ribbon to finish it up. I think it's so stinkin' cute!!!!
Hopefully the giant fake spider won't attract
REAL ones... Happy Halloween!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

More Diaper Wreaths

I've made a few diaper wreaths here in the
last couple weeks... lots of people having babies!
I did a little something different with all three....
The parents-to-be aren't finding out the gender
of the baby beforehand, so I used yellow and green
for the color scheme. I cut circles out of scrapbook
paper and hot glued them to the the diapers.  
This next wreath was for a coworker of mine. They are
decorating his nursery in a New York Rangers baseball
theme. The name is spelled with stickers that I reinforced
with hot glue so they wouldn't peel off. And don't you just
love the little baseballs beside the baby's name?!?
 For this last wreath I used scrapbook paper for the
baby's name, cutting the letters out with a cricut.
You can't tell, but the scrapbook paper has parts that are
glittered! I put the wreath together at work during my
breaks, so lots of my coworkers kept coming by to see the
progress. The picture doesn't do it justice - it's so sweet!
Click HERE to see previous diaper wreaths I've
made and the instructions on how to make them.
It's so easy, but everyone really loves them!

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Thanks so much to everyone who commented
and shared the wreath posts! I'm so glad
you all liked the different wreaths, and I'm
excited to announce who won each of them!!
And the winner is......

And the winner is......

And the winner is......

And the winner is......

And the winner is......

Friday, October 11, 2013

5 DAYS OF FALL GIVEAWAYS, DAY 5: Burlap Leaf Wreath

Here's the last wreath in my
5 Days of Fall Giveaways...
Day 5: The Burlap Leaf Wreath 
This is a medium size straw wreath wrapped in tan yarn.
The burlap leaves are from Hobby Lobby and I just hot
glued them to the wreath. A skinny orange ribbon finished it up!
So to win this wreath, here's what you gotta do!
1. Leave a comment on this blog post.
2. Share the post on Facebook.
So simple!
Have you missed the last 4 days of free wreaths?
You still have until midnight on Saturday, October 12th
to comment/share on all of them, and the winners of
each wreath will be announced on Sunday, October 13th!
Here's the links for the other wreaths:
Get your front door in the fall spirit with one
of these wreaths! Good luck - hope you win!!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

5 DAYS OF FALL GIVEAWAYS, DAY 4: Mini Burlap Wreath

Another burlap wreath is up for grabs on DAY 4
of the Fall Wreath Giveaways... this one is a
Mini Burlap/Orange Felt Flower Wreath.

Two different kinds of felt flowers over a burlap
wrapped straw wreath. The ribbon on the top is brown.
I think this wreath is precious and as much as I love it,
I'm giving it to one of YOU! In case you are seeing this
for the first time and don't know the drill - here's the rules:

You have to do BOTH of these steps:
1. Leave a comment on this blog post.
2. Share this blog post on facebook.
That's it!!! Easy, right?!?

You have until midnight on Saturday, October 12th
to comment/share, and the winners will be announced
by another blog post on Sunday, October 13th.

Missed the last three days? Click on the links below:
DAY 1: Tri Color Yarn Wreath
DAY 2: Burlap Welcome Pennant Wreath
DAY 3: Orange Mini Wreath

Only one more wreath to share tomorrow!
Hope you have a great day =)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

5 DAYS OF FALL GIVEAWAYS, DAY 3: Orange Mini Wreath

Alright.... DAY 3 of free wreaths is here!
Most of the wreaths I make for myself
are pretty neutral... but I LOVE the pop of
orange on this one! This is a smaller wreath,
but it still looks pretty good on a front door.
I just wrapped strips of orange fabric
around a straw wreath, made a few felt
flowers (ivory and brown), and added
a huge burlap bow. I had played around
with adding other stuff to it,  but finally
decided that I liked it just the way it is...
sometimes, less is more! 
So to win this wreath, you only have
to do both of these two simple things:
1. Leave a comment on the blog (not facebook,
unless you just want to do that too!!)
2. Share this blog post on Facebook
You have until Saturday, October 12th at midnight
to comment/share. Winners of all 5 wreaths will be
announced Sunday, October 13th! If you missed the
last two days of free wreaths, click on the links below:
There's still a really good chance that if you
comment/share, you will win!! Seriously, the
odds are definitely in your favor =)
Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

5 DAYS OF FALL GIVEAWAYS, Day 2: Pennant Wreath

The second fall wreath in the
5 Days of Fall Giveaways is a
Burlap Welcome Pennant Wreath!
FYI-I took pics of the wreath before I
noticed the the "M" on welcome had
come a little loose from the yarn. I've already
fixed it, but forgot to take another pic. Oops.

So I previously mentioned that I have about nine fall
wreaths. To make room for some new ones, I decided
to give away some of the ones I've had for a while.
 This wreath is one that's left over from a reception in
2011 that welcomed our new worship pastor and his wife.
I just cut strips of burlap fabric (at the time, the craft
stores didn't sell spools of burlap ribbon!) and hot glued
them around a straw wreath.  I also made fabric rosettes out
of various fall  fabric colors. My sister made the mini pennants
out of scrapbook paper and yarn. I think it's just adorable!! It
looks especially cute with burlap ribbons around my pumpkins...
so now I'm wondering - Why am I giving this wreath away??
I guess it's just your lucky day/week!!!

So if you want it, there's a REALLY good chance
that it'll be yours! All you have to do is:
1. Leave a comment on this blog post.
2. Share this post on facebook.
Did you comment on and share yesterday's
Tri-Color Yarn Wreath post?? If not, you should!
You have til midnight on Saturday (Oct. 12th).
Winners of all five wreaths will be
announced on Sunday, October 13th!

Monday, October 7, 2013

5 DAYS OF FALL GIVEAWAYS, DAY 1: Tri Color Yarn Wreath

Alright... I promised more giveaways, and even though
I meant to do it sooner - better late than never, right?
So over the next FIVE DAYS, I'll be posting a
different fall themed wreath that you could win.
In order to win that wreath, you have to:
1. Leave a comment below on the blog.
2. Share the link on Facebook.
Good luck! You have until midnight on
Saturday, October 12, to comment/share.
Winners of all 5 wreaths will be announced
on Sunday, October 13th!!
First Up: Tri-Color Yarn Wreath 
I think this wreath is so very simple and pretty! I used
tan, brown, and copper yarn around a straw wreath. The
felt rosettes are ivory with pearls, and have a few felt leaves.

If you want this wreath to be hanging on your front door,
all you have to do is leave a comment below (on the blog,
not facebook) and then share this post on facebook. That's it!
Check back tomorrow for another cute fall wreath....

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Another FALL Deco Mesh Wreath

A couple weeks ago I shared a deco mesh
wreath that I made for my mom.... well, a
family friend of ours loved my mom's wreath
so much... I decided to make a similar one for
her. I lucked out and didn't even have to
make another trip to the craft store!

For this wreath, I used brown deco mesh around
the inner and outer circles, then the orange deco
mesh in the middle.  I found this FALL sign at
AC Moore (40% off) and attached it to the deco
mesh with fishing line.  I hot glued berries and
pumpkins around the perimeter to finish it up.
Hope you like it Mike and Sandy!!
I'm kind of getting the urge to make
a new fall wreath for myself... picked up
a couple supplies Sunday, so hopefully
it turns out as good as it looks in my mind =)