Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Royal Baby Shower

Here's another post of a shower I got to help throw in 2008! It was
a baby shower for Kristen Kocher - remember, she helped throw
the Fiesta shower for Rebekah?  Anyways, I helped Rebekah put this
baby shower together, along with our mom and a family friend, Brenda.
Here's Kristen and Rebekah, who made a t-shirt that said
"Addison's Aunt B" because that's what she wants to be called!

Here's a terrible iPhone picture of the invitations that Rebekah made,
which were WAY cuter in real life.  I still didn't realize how important
taking GOOD pictures of the decor was... so none of the pictures
really do this shower justice.

"Roll out the Pink Carpet
A Princess is on her Way
Celebrate Addison Mackenzie
On this Royal Shower Day"

So of course, we HAD to have a pink carpet rolled
across the center of the room!! It was a lot of work,
but the effect was worth it! We decorated the entrance
using princess dress up outfits - which were also gifts for
Baby Addison.  It was called "Addison's Royal Wardrobe."

Kristen received a sash that said "Mommy-to-Be" and her mom
got a sash that said "Grandma-to-Be." It seemed to fit nicely
with the "royal" theme, instead of making each of them wear a tiara!

We served brunch at the shower - breakfast casseroles, muffins,
cinnamon rolls, and the like. We also ordered petit fours as dessert.
I made a fruit arrangement as the centerpiece for each table, similar to
"Edible Arrangements."  I'm so sad that there isn't a single picture of them!

Rebekah made personalized bookmarks for everyone. Each one had a
different prayer on it.  She passed them out and asked each person to
pray for Addison for the specific thing listed on the bookmark.
They were strung up, as you can see in the picture below.

There were seven door prizes so each bag had a letter that spelled out
the baby-to-be's first name - ADDISON.  Inside, each had a different
vase, and a booklet that Rebekah and I made of different ideas on
how to decorate using the vase.  Such a useful gift for anyone!!

Kristen received so many cute gifts! I decided to showcase some of the
things I got her on a clothesline.  I hung each item on a string, and laid it
in a gift bag, so as she pulled each outfit out, they were all on display.
An easy thing to do, but makes the gift-opening so much more interesting!

One of the cutest ideas I've ever seen at ANY baby shower was the
"Daddy Diaper Kit." Rebekah came up with it.  She had the dad-to-be, Todd,
come at the end of the shower.  Rebekah presented him with all the things
he would "need" when helping out with the baby - a face mask, goggles, hard
hat, gloves, air freshner, baby powder, and so on.  The last thing she gave him
was a mini baseball bat, because one day, Todd will have to chase away all the boys
that will be after Addison. The whole production got some really good laughs!!

Each person received a pair of picture coasters, tied with a bow,
as their favor.  I don't have a picture of them from the shower,
but here's a stock photo of them.  It says "Thanks for helping
to make this a picture perfect day."

We were so excited that we got to help throw this shower for Kristen!
She is such a sweet girl, and her family has always meant so much
to ours. By the way, Kristen has a blog where she sells extremely
cute hair bows - check it out here! I've ordered some from her for my
nieces and they are always PERFECT.  One day I will learn how
to make bows, but until then, Kristen's my girl!! Hope you enjoyed
this post... have a great day, and God bless!!


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