Tuesday, August 9, 2011

~Naughty & Nice Personal Shower~

Within a few weeks of my sister getting engaged (back in April 2007), I had decided the
theme of her personal shower... "Naughty & Nice."  I had to wait a while to really plan it
though, because the shower wasn't until May 2008. I asked a friend of ours from church, Kara,
to design the invitations, then I uploaded it to Vistaprint.  They were exactly what I wanted!

Just in case you can't make out the rhyme's at the top and bottom... they go like this:
"Help Beak put a smile on Gabriel's face,
with something nice... think silk, satin and lace!"
"Make Beak's blood rush straight to her brain,
with something naughty... think leather and chains!"
(FYI, Rebekah's nickname is Beak)

At the time, our brother owned a limo company.  So we had everyone meet at a
park, and a Hummer limo rolled up to take everyone to the shower! Thanks bub!


The venue for the shower was at our brother, David's house.  He has this
large Spanish style home that has some pretty big rooms - and after spending
an entire day cleaning, it was the perfect place for the shower!! 
I decorated with white chair covers and pink tulle sashes, large vases
with red and pink feather boas, with cute feather whips coming out of the top of the vase.
Also, I had black and white floral trays and red candles.  It turned out so cute!

One of my "rules" for any kind of party that I throw is that there has to be
PLENTY of FOOD! I'm not one to serve cheese and crackers - I want
guests to come hungry and leave stuffed! For this shower, we had barbeque
sandwiches, french fries and veggies, along with a few other sides.
For dessert, everyone that wanted to got to make their own banana split =)

The game we played at this shower was courtesy of Rebekah's sister-in-law, Brook.
She put all different kinds of dress up outfits in a suitcase.  Our three volunteers had
1 minute (I think) to put together a "sexy" outfit and model it for everyone. 
They looked even more hilarious in person!!

For the favors at this shower, I gave out chapstick and panties! I'd always thought
that panties would be such a fun favor for a personal shower, so this was the perfect
time to do it.  I bought a bunch of white panties, and ironed on the logo from the
invitation on the backside.  I folded them up and put them in a black baggie with white
polka dots, and made little tags that said what size they were.  Everyone got to pick
their own size out (just in case we guessed wrong).  I don't have a picture of them
right now... but I promise they were adorable!
For entertainment at this shower, I had something special planned.  A few weeks
before the shower, I had my cousin and sister videotape me doing an instructional dance
video for Michael Jackson's "Thriller!" Rebekah and I thought this would be a fun song
to dance to at her reception, and wanted to teach all our friends the moves at the
party so they would be ready to dance at the reception.  So I dressed up in a crazy outfit
and made the video.  Our good friend, Jerica, edited it and made a DVD for us all to
watch and practice at the shower. She even included a bloopers section - which was
my favorite part! I copied the Thriller song on CD's and also typed out the dance move
instructions so everyone could take them home, in case they wanted
to practice (some people really did!). It was so much fun, and something
different to do at the bridal shower AND the wedding =)

I absolutely LOVED throwing this bridal shower
for my sister... hope you enjoyed it too!
Have a GREAT day, and God bless!!


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