Friday, July 29, 2011

FieStA fOr ReBeKaH!!

I apologize in advance for not having good pictures of all the "details."
This shower was done before I realized how important it was to have them!
So anyways, I'll do better in the future...

For Rebekah's first bridal shower, I threw her a fiesta! Granted, it was her
idea... but I didn't let her help - no matter how much she begged!
I came up with these invitations, designed on Vistaprint.
I thought they were cute and fun, without being TOO cheesy =)
Here is a picture of Rebekah and me at the shower.  We dressed
up to match the theme! Almost everyone participated with
the dressing up - which really made it a LOT of fun.
So for future reference, if you are invited to a
shower and are asked to dress up - just do it =)

I didn't throw the shower on my own... I had help from Kristen
Kocher (one of Rebekah's bridesmaids) and her mother, Sandi Ben. 
Sandi made ALL the food - enchiladas, quesadillas, fajitas, and so
much more!! She also made and decorated the cake which was beautiful...
and made matching tissue paper flowers to go around the cake table.

Before dinner, we had a bunch of appetizers for people to munch on.
So we thought it would be hilarious for the groom, father of the bride,
the ring bearer, and the ring bearer's father to be the servers.
They wore red and yellow cumber bunds (made by Sandi) with stick-on
moustache's!! That might have been my favorite part =)

Outside the room is a long hallway that everyone had to walk down to get to the
party room. We decorated the outside of the room, which turned out better
than I expected. The flower girl, Kinslee, is posing in front of it.

Here are a few pictures of the room so you can get an idea of how
it was decorated. This room was the Children's Room at our church
and already had colorful pieces of fabric hanging up, with the
colorful quilt. We found the multi-colored play area at the church and
included it because we knew that there would be kids coming. The
table centerpieces were a mixture of maraca's, a mini-accordian that
was actually from Mexico, and containers filled with all kinds of peppers
on top of brightly colored striped fabric.

We ordered a bride pinata and blindfolded Rebekah to take some
swings at it. It was pretty funny, and only got dangerous a couple
of times! The pinata was stuffed with candy *duh* so the kids had
fun scrambling to get it once Rebekah broke it. I am NOT a fan of
doing "typical" bridal shower games... so this was perfect!

We also had a game with lots of different candies, and the
participants had to match up the candy to a word or phrase
that is typically associated with weddings. For example,
the candy "Sugar Daddy" refers to "Father of the Bride" and the candy 
"100 Grand" refers to "How Much This Wedding Feels Like it Costs!"
And so on and so forth. I think it went pretty well =)

I am so sad that I didn't get a picture of the door prizes - they were
the cutest Mexican looking gift bags with fringe around the outside and
were PERFECT! Each of the four prizes had a gift card to a local
Mexican restaurant and a chili pepper salsa serving dish.  Here's a picture of
Heather Jordan, who won one of the prizes for being "Best Dressed"....

The guests really got into the theme, and even went so far as to
decorate the presents using the Fiesta theme! Here was the best one:

And this next picture I'm adding because it's the best one I could find of
Rebekah's veil - sewn to the sombrero! How adorable is that ?!?

At the end of the night, we brought out the "mock-a-ritas"... this shower
was at our church and we aren't drinkers, so we had our non-alcoholic
margaritas with the finishing touch of a mini umbrella =) DELICIOUS

And last but not least, none of the showers we throw could be pulled
off without some help from our parents, Larry & Mary Greene.
Aren't they the cutest?!?

Hope you had fun reading this! My next post (which won't be
nearly as long) will be about Rebekah's Personal Shower...
Have a great weekend, and God bless!!


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