Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Candy Mini-Reception

I haven't posted anything in a while... but that's because I've been so busy
planning bridal showers! I will have to get better at posting them, because they
are just too cute... anyways... this past Sunday, my church had a little reception
to honor a couple who served as Interim Youth Directors for the last 14
months. So I put together a few decorations to go along with the reception.
It isn't too over the top, but it's still adorable.

We thought something fun to decorate with would be candy... who
doesn't like candy?!? I decided I was going to make gumball topiaries.
They turned out super cute.... but I'll be honest - it was HARD to make them!

My sister had a bunch of these little pails that she painted bright colors for me.
I put a piece of floral foam in the bucket, stuck a dow rod in it, and covered it
with glass beads.  I hot glued gumballs to a circle styrofoam and then put the gumball
circle on the top of the dow rod. The final touch was a simple bow around the dow rod.

Making these were more difficult than I thought, because the gumballs didn't stick
so well to the styrofoam. They kept falling off and I had to re-glue a LOT.  Also, the
gumballs were pretty heavy, so the circle would have a tendency to lean to one side instead
 of straight up. I even had one dow rod go straight through the top of the gumball circle.
Also, hot gluing the gumballs was messier than I thought - glue strands were everywhere
and I spent a lot of time picking them off the gumballs.

After I made four of the gumball topiaries, I decided to make things easier
on myself and made the rest of the centerpieces with blowpops. This took
about 5 minutes total, and the blow pops could still be eaten after they served
their purpose. I put glass beads in the bottom of the pail, bought a half circle
styrofoam piece, and stuck the blow pops into the styrofoam. Added a bow
around the pail, and it's done.

I made a couple banners to hang at the reception using a Cricut. They said
"thanks john & amy" and "you did a SWEET job!"

I didn't want the reception to look too girly... so I decided to use blue as the main
accent color. We used blue plates and blue polka dot napkins.  The drink dispensers
had blue fabric in the bottom, and then I put some leftover gumballs on top of the fabric.
I used gray fabric to make "curtains" on the black scrims and white lattice, and cinched
the fabric with blue ribbon and blue fabric. 

My favorite part of this reception was the Candy Thank You Card. I came
up with the wording, and my sister put the card together for me. She took
the pictures before she found all the candy for it, so some parts of the card
have post it notes where candy bars ended up being. But here's what it says:
Dear John & Amy,
We were going to give you 100 GRAND to show you how much we
appreciate you. With that money, we thought you might get a pet KITKAT,
or go on a trip to New YORK, or ORBIT around... 

the MILKY WAY. But... the money slipped right through our
BUTTERFINGERs. We are down to zilch, really, I mean ZERO.
We didn't have an EXTRA WHACHAMACALLIT to sell, and it wasn't
PAYDAY. Then we realized that a WHOPPER of a gift would be to tell you
that even though we sometimes act like AIRHEADS and may have played
TWIX on you, we think you are such a SMARTEE and have taught us
RUNTS in the youth group GOOD N PLENTY about our LIFESAVER.

Hopefully, leading us this past year gave you MOUNDS of
ALMOND JOY!!! From the GOOBERS of youth group
who love ya to PIECES.

Hopefully I'll get around to posting more often... Have a
great day and God bless =)


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