Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Vintage Country Chic Shower

Last spring, Rebekah and I threw a bridal shower that we refer
to as Vintage Country Chic.... I don't know how else to explain it =)
Here's some pictures of the room:

We started out with buying burlap. We cut the burlap into placemat
sized pieces, then frayed the edges.  Rebekah sewed each side so they
wouldn't fray more than what we wanted.  Then, Rebekah hand painted
a variety of words on each placemat. 

To make the fabric vases, we saved all sorts of soup cans in as many
sizes as possible. Then I went to the remnant and discount fabric section at
JoAnn Fabrics and bought different fabrics in black, tan, and denim designs.
I cut strips of fabric and hot glued them around the cans.  Then I made
fabric rosettes (tutorial found here) and attached a few around the cans.
It was such a simple and inexpensive project!

With the leftover fabric from the vases, we decided to make napkins. So
Rebekah just sewed the edges of the cut pieces so that once again, they
wouldn't fray. We placed fancy-looking plasticware on the napkins, and tied
raffia around it.  Mason jars were used as drinking glasses, with raffia tied
around each one of those too (thanks to Jerica Hibner for lending the jars to us!).

I made 6 yarns wreaths of different sizes and different colors. These wreaths were
also part of the door prizes given out! They were hung on white lattice that our
church already owns.  After we hung the wreaths, I decided that the lattice
needed something more.  So I looked in the church's attic where we store fabric
and found some gray material.  I draped it over the lattice at each place there
was a hinge and cinched it in the middle with a strip of burlap.  It ended up
looking really good, if I do say so myself!! We also did it to black screens that
were used to cover up the opening to the kitchen.

We wanted to do something more than just plain black chair covers, so Rebekah
made lots of felt flowers (tutorial here) in pink, gray, white, and green.  These were
attached to the back of the chairs using safety pins-it was a LONG process! But
thanks to Jerica Hibner and Danya McClintic, the process went a little faster - they
were so sweet to offer to help the night we were setting up!!!

Rebekah and I bought a gift for the bride-to-be and also for her 4 year old
daughter, Isabella.  We put the gifts inside canvas totes that Rebekah
painted onto and added fabric rosettes. I thought they turned out pretty cute!

The favors that were given out were different pieces of jewelry (earrings,
necklaces, pins, bracelets) that Rebekah got for a GREAT price at a
store in Louisville, KY. Then, Rebekah MADE the gift boxes out of
cardstock paper and odds and ends (tutorial on how to fold boxes here).
Each box had a piece of batting in it so it really resembled a jewelry box!

On the day of the shower, one of the guests loved the decor so much that
she asked if we would throw the exact same shower for a friend of hers!
So a couple months later, we got to do this same shower over again! 

Here's some more pictures from the shower:
Yummy Desserts: Peach Cobbler, Pecan Pie,
and Razzleberry Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream!

Bags for the Door Prizes:

Signs for the Food:

Food Table, while we were setting up, so please
ignore the ironing board in the background!

Gifts for each of the kids that came to the shower:

Thank you notes we made for the bride-to-be.
The invitations for the shower resembled these
thank you notes, but they also had some lace on them:

Our inspiration for many of the ideas (namely the placemats and fabric 
vases) were found on the blog Black-White-Side-By-Side.
Hope you enjoyed this post... have a great day and GOD BLESS!


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