Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Candy Tags

Every year at Halloween, it seems like half the town comes to my
neighborhood to go trick-or-treating... I'm not exaggerating when
I say we get HUNDREDS of kids! So I decided that I should make
passing out candy an evangelistic outreach as well.

Last year, I put 4-5 pieces of candy in a plastic baggie, along with a
comic book tract that our church supplied. I had prepared 250 of these
baggies, and was out after the first hour! It was an expensive Halloween....

So this year, I decided to get various kinds of suckers to pass out. I bought 450
suckers, so I hope that lasts the whole night- but I am taking a cue from my neighbors
and only giving one piece of candy per kid this year! Anyways, I found this super cute
Halloween scrapbook paper.... on sale!!! 
I printed tags on the computer on the more plain side of the paper.
I just used a simple phrase that another group from our church uses
anytime they pass things out for free..... so the tags say:
This candy is FREE....
Just like God's LOVE!
Happy Trick-or-Treating!!

The suckers slide onto the tags after they are hole punched at the top and
bottom. It's a pretty simple way to remind people of God's unfailing love, and
how easy is it to accept God's love, just like it's easy to accept free candy =)

And of course, I had to have something Halloween-ish to put the
candy in, and this black cauldron works perfectly!

Have a fun but safe trick-or-treating next week!!
P.S. Thanks to my mom and sister for helping me print, cut, and
hole punch these! It was a much faster project with y'all's help!!


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