Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Monogram Necklace

My Valentine's Day present finally arrived!!!
 Listen girls.... I know some of you are blessed with husbands
that are hopelessly romantic... but let's face it, the majority
of us have a husband who seriously lacks in the thoughtful-
gift-giving-department!! I mean, for my birthday, I was given
a digital scale. Practical? Yes, because we didn't own one.
Sweet and Romantic? Umm... that's a BIG FAT NO!
So to make it easier on my husband, I told him exactly what I
wanted. I figured that if I didn't, I would get a gift as equally "romantic"
as the digital scale, or possibly some flowers that he would
hurry up to order at the last minute... And even though I do love
flowers, I prefer our money be spent on something that'll last longer.
So I've been loving this necklace for a while - it's been in my US Weekly
magazines, and I pinned it on Pinterest a while back too.  So I pulled up
the website,, walked my husband through each
step of ordering, and had him push the "Pay Now" button. I know a bunch
of you are thinking that I took all the fun and mystery out of Valentine's Day,
but I am being 100% honest when I say that I totally forgot about it, so 2
weeks later when it arrived and Isaiah gave it to me, I was thrilled!!
I can't wait to wear it! Happy belated Valentine's Day to ME!


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