Monday, December 23, 2013

O Christmas Tree... A Fancy Tree...

This year, I've put up 19 trees between my
house and my church!!! Out of the 19, 9 are
at my house. Granted, 4 of them are small ones
that go on my porch, but that still counts.
This is the main tree at my house... a 9 footer. 
Everything on the tree is gold, silver, champagne or clear.
I've taken some up close pics of some of the things I use
on my tree and have noted where I found them (if I remembered).
I found this gold beaded garland at AC Moore.
I have about 6 strands of them on this tree. 

I love the huge plastic snowflakes that I found
at the dollar store... this is also what I used
as a tree topper.
I've got a few larger ornamental pieces that I have
coming out of the tree at random places. I can't
remember exactly where this one is from, but I'm sure
it was Hobby Lobby or AC Moore probably.
I got about 8 different gold glitter leafs from the dollar store.
I also had a few of the long crystal pieces (that
were used in my wedding!) that are from Hobby Lobby.
I mean, some people would say this is a gaudy ornament,
but I think it looks amazing! Also from the dollar store.
I have quite a few different word ornaments...
peace, joy, noel, believe, merry.
Most of them are from Wal Mart.

This ornament came from my mother-in-law and is a "new home"
momento - she gave this to us the year we moved into our house.
I think she found it at Kohl's.
These crystal dripping brances were the centerpieces at my wedding!
They look perfect laying on the tree branches. They are from Michael's.
The larger crystals were also used at the wedding - I have hundreds
of them and put them on my tree last - any place that is the tiniest
bit bare gets one of them!
This ornament is a new addition this year, from Hobby Lobby.
I got about 4 of these that are different shapes/sizes but
they are all the same glass color - they're enormous!
I really do love this tree.... and the picture's just do NOT do it justice.
Merry Christmas Eve-Eve!!



I got my large snowflakes at the dollar tree. You need to check them out.

Paint by Josie

I have those same dollar tree snowflakes! I love the Dollar Tree! In the next few days, I will be posting a craft project that uses dollar tree finds...I think you'd like it! Once I get it posted you'll have to check it out on my blog! P. S. Your tree looks divine and so do the ones at church!


Let me know when you post it Josie!! And thanks!!!

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