Friday, December 13, 2013

Church Christmas Decor 2013

I put up Christmas decorations at my church again
this year.... the theme I was asked to stick with was
"White Christmas." That was the name of the program
that the church did, so they wanted the decorations to
reflect it. I was a little sad because the red decorations
we had last year were so beautiful! But... it made sense
why they wanted to change it up.
Unfortunately, the budget for the decorations was much
smaller than last year's, so I couldn't really do too much.
So 10 trees and over 200 feet of garland later... here it is!

The focal point is, once, again, the 11 foot Christmas tree behind
the choir loft. It is a pain to put up because of it's height... and even
more of a pain to fluff the branches and add lights!
But it sure is pretty once it's finished.
For the smaller trees, I just put some white garland around
them to help with the white color scheme.
For the trees that were on the stage, we added fake snow to the
branches as well as in lieu of tree skirts. I would have liked to
put down more "snow" under the trees, but ran out of time and budget.
I found these flocked wreaths at Big Lots and thought they
looked nice. I tried adding some things to the wreath, but in
the end, decided they looked better being just plain.
I also had three trees at different entrances to the church. We added
some snowflake ornaments as well as silver ball ornaments, and white
deco mesh ribbon as a topper and garland.  Fake snow went underneath
these trees as well.
Front entrance tree:
Side entrance tree:

Cafe entrance tree:
I got a little bit electrocuted while
decorating this tree! I was fluffing some
branches with the lights on, and touched
a light that the glass had busted!

I also found these silver snow lined trees at
Hobby Lobby that I liked, and got enough to put
in each of the 6 window sills in the santuary.

 It doesn't look like much, but it took 65 man hours to decorate
the church! It's a huge undertaking, even when doing something
more muted and understated.  I really want to say THANK YOU
to the following people who took their precious time during this
busy season to help me out, whether it was for 5 minutes or for
7.5 hours!!! I can't even describe how much you all saved me -
there's no way it could have been done without you all pitching in!
Rebecca Albert
Debbie Bandy
Mark Bandy
Brittany Belcher
Paul Belcher
Beth Calvert
Elizabeth Cooper
Evie Davis
Karisa Dillon
Judy Gibbs
Mary Greene
Lee Hale
Isaiah Haynie
Keith Herbert
Randy Jackson
Paul James
Melinda McComas
Terri McCoy
Brad Miller
Roger Mills
Terri Owens
Mindy Reed
Rob Reed
Bethany Sharp
And also, thanks to Pat & Danya McClintic for
donating another tree to the church this year!
Now.... who's free to help take DOWN the decorations
on January 1st, New Year's Day?? Pretty please?!?
Many hands make light work!!!


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