Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Church Christmas Decorations 2012

I decorated the church sanctuary this year for our Christmas program....
it was a LOT of time and effort, but I was thrilled with how it turned
out! I was asked to make the color scheme red, and here's what I came up with:

 First, I asked for Christmas trees that people weren't using this
year to be donated to put up at the church. I actually had 4
trees GIVEN to the church to keep! A 12 ft, 9 ft, and two 7 1/2 ft trees!
The 12 ft tree I put in the baptistry (well, my husband basically
put it there - I'm not sure how much help I was getting it up there!)
It isn't actually 12 ft tall, because we left off the very top section of the
tree since it was almost touching the ceiling beams.
On either side of the 12 ft tree I put two small trees with red bulbs
(from the dollar store!) and topped them with red bows that I made.

On the right side of the stage, I set up a 9 ft tree and a 7 1/2 ft tree
with white lights. For a tree skirt, I used red satin fabric pieces and
puddled them under the trees. Also on the right side of the stage, I
set up a poinsettia tree to really highlight the color red. Different
church members paid for the poinsettias and were able to take them home
after the program. I used some spotlights to set off the poinsettia tree.

On the left side of the stage, I put a small 6 ft tree (borrowed) with white
lights and red satin fabric for the tree skirt. This is the side of the stage where the
band is, so not too much decoration could fit on that side.
Across the whole front of the sanctuary we hung garland. I couldn't find
pre-lit garland that was as full as I wanted it to be, so I added white lights
to all the garland.  Then I added red deco mesh to the garland to continue
the red color theme.  This garland was also added to the back of the santuary
around two windows and the sound booth. Extra poinsettias were put in each
of the 6 window sills of the church, and were also spaced out in front
of the choir loft.

I also put a tree in the front foyer and one in the back foyer of the church.
I added deco mesh as a garland for each of these trees
to tie in the red color scheme.  For the tree in the back
entry, I also added red ornaments, because it was big enough that
the tree needed a little more than just garland. I think I started
something at the church though - lots of people told me that they
were going to take the deco mesh garland idea for their own decorations!

It took 9 trees, 150 feet of garland, and lots and lots of hours, but the
church looked so beautiful for the Christmas program! Thanks to
everyone who donated trees as well as their time to help set everything up =)
And a special thanks to Bill & Jerri Black and also to my husband for
all their help - it would not have gotten done without you all!
Merry Christmas!


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