Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Progressive Christmas Dinner

Christmas is over, but I have a few posts that I didn't get around
to posting before Christmas. I'm just gonna post whatever I can that
is Christmas related until the New Year!

I organized a Progressive Dinner for my church's staff and their
spouses... It's something I've wanted to do for a couple of years now.
There were three different stops - appetizers, main meal, and desserts.
I had the staff/spouses (15 people total) meet at the church - babysitters
were at the church to take care of the 14 or so kids and to feed them
pizza, chips, and cookies while the parents enjoyed a night out!
I hosted the main meal, which was lasagna, baked spaghetti,
salad, and bread. Thankfully, so many people offered to help
that I didn't have to do any of the food (thanks Myra, Jennifer,
Lauren, Susan, Glenna & Mandy)! I only had to concentrate
on getting the house clean and decorated.
I set my dining room table for 8, and set up a table in my living room
for 7. My color scheme was gold, white, and black so that it would
flow with my Christmas decorations, so it was a little bit on the fancier side.
I made napkin ring holders out of festive gold ribbon and small bulb
ornaments. The centerpieces were sets of pretty candle holders.

In my living room, I added some garland with lights, a glass tree, large glittery
ornaments, and crystal candlesticks with champagne colored tapered candles to the
top of my piano, along with the "infamous" book wreath and a picture frame. I also
printed out music for "O Holy Night" to display. I did sit down and play the song one time
so it wasn't JUST for looks =) I didn't completely finish what I wanted to do to the top
of the piano this year, but it gives me something to look forward to finishing by next year!!
On the table in the foyer, I had two glass vases filled with shiny and
glittery ornaments, a couple decorative vases, 3 festive candles, and a
wedding picture. I put two strands of garland with lights on the
 table over a gold table runner (from my wedding). I also didn't have
time to do everything that I REALLY wanted to do to that area, but
it looked finished enough. So now that's two projects for next year! 
My sister wasn't able to come in town this particular weekend, but she wanted to do
a little something for the staff and their spouses. So she got little gifts for each of
them for a white elephant gift exchange. She bought stuff that either she already
has and likes, or stuff that she would like to have. It was fun to see what gifts ended
up being a hot item - thermal socks, a pickle ornament, chocolate covered peanuts, and
a sham-wow were some of the gifts that were stolen, and some of them multiple times!
I think everyone had a good time and it's definitely something I would want to do
again! It's just a small way to show the staff how much they are loved!!!
Hope you had a Merry Christmas! =)


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