Thursday, December 27, 2012

Crafty Wrapping

A couple years ago I bought tons of rolls of brown
craft paper from the dollar store and have used it
little by little over the years for this or that - baby shower
gifts, bridal shower gifts, birthday presents, etc.
Last year I planned to wrap Christmas presents with this
paper, and had bought scrapbook paper to make tags, along with 
twine and ribbon to match. Well, I didn't get around to it last year -
my dad had heart surgery AND a stroke the week of Christmas,
so I really didn't care much what any presents looked like. My
priorities were definitely different one year ago!
 But at least I was one step ahead this year =) I used a cricut to make
tags out of scrapbook paper with floral print, diamond print, and
sheet music for "The Twelve Days of Christmas" - all in dark red and
tan colors. I also used the cricut to make initials for a lot of the
gifts that I was giving.  I thought the wrapping turned out pretty... but my
husband and brother-in-law didn't appreciate my crafty wrapping - they
said they would have given me money for real wrapping paper so I didn't
have to use old grocery bags! Mean boys.
For presents that needed to go in gift bags, I got craft paper bags
and brown paper lunch bags (both from the dollar store!).
For the smaller gifts, I just put a couple hole punches at the top
of the lunch bag and tied a bow. For the larger gift bags,
I glued a tea-stained doily to the front with a small bow in the
middle, and then added a name tag. I have tons of these doily's 
leftover from a bridal shower my sister and I did back in the spring,
 and I had already decorated one of my trees with them this year. 
So having doiles on some of the presents under the tree looked really cute.
I still have LOTS of these doily's... I'm gonna have to come up with
some other ways to use them all! 
 My husband acted like he couldn't believe I turned my Christmas
wrapping into a craft project... you would think he knows me better by now!



Beautiful wrapping! I had fun with my wrapping this year too. I have to laugh though because my husband says the same stuff. They just don't get it do they? LOL

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