Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wax Paper Garland

Last year, I saw a picture of a Christmas tree that had very
pretty garland on it - turns out it was made using wax paper!
Click here to see that picture and view that blog =)

Anyways, I started making this garland LAST YEAR...
but didn't get too much of a start on it due to a family health crisis.
So this year over Thanksgiving break, my sister helped me finish
this project on a 3 hour roadtrip. I put it on a skinny 7.5 foot tree
in my dining room and I am happy with the way it turned out.
I used a circle punch to cut a bunch of circles. 
HOWEVER... I bought 4 different circle punches, but none
of them cut a clean circle. So I finally decided to just trim the
edges with scissors. Then I hot glued the wax paper circles to
fishing line. We ended up making a lot more circles than what
I actually needed... so if you want them, I will let you have my leftovers!
 The garland looks so pretty with the white lights illuminating it!
It looks much better from far away than it does close up though.

 FYI - my sister said this was probably her least favorite project
that she's ever helped me with.... but she said that without seeing
the finished product on the tree, so she can't fully appreciate all her hard work!

By the way.... all the rectangular cards are wishes from people who were at
my wedding! We had a "Wish Tree" instead of a guest book. I love it that
each year I get to read what people wrote to us on that day!!


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