Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Book Page Wreath... love it or hate it?

The book page wreath - do you LOVE it or HATE it?

My husband thinks this is the ugliest thing in the world and refuses to let
me hang it up in our house. He said if it goes up, then he is mounting deer
heads in all the rooms of the house! I found a loophole though - I haven't
technically "hung" it up - it's on a wreath stand! But I gotta keep my eye
on it... once, I found it in the trashcan! I told you my husband hates it!

I THINK I love it, but I spent a TON of time working on it, so I'm
not sure whether I actually love it, or just am so invested in it that I
can't bear the thought of not using it?!? It's been over a year since I
made it and I still can't decide. I don't usually care what my
husband thinks about my crafts... but he's never been so adamant
about anything before! So maybe it really is as awful as he says it is?!?
Anyways, in case YOU love it, here's how I made this book page wreath...
I tea stained old books, using a fan to dry out the pages after they soaked
in hot tea.  Then I ripped all the pages out of the books. Some of the
pages I rolled, and some I folded like an accordian, then folded a tab on
the end and hot glued that to the wreath. I glued the pages all around the inside
of the wreath first, then the outside, and then filled in the middle. I ended
up having to rip off part of the page for many of the pieces so they wouldn't
stick out so far.  I rolled some pages tightly, and some looser, and I
folded the pages differently to make the wreath a little more interesting.
I added a brown satin bow at the top with hot glue.


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