Monday, December 16, 2013

UGLY Christmas Sweater Party

Last night I had my very first ugly Christmas
sweater party! I love that everyone got into it, well,
everyone except my husband.... made me want to sing
"every party has a pooper that's why we invited you" to him!
I really just can't decide who's sweater is the best.... 

This couple got their sweaters straight from her mom's
closet... I think the Cow sweater (complete with bells and
a milk jug) is in retirement now though. It's pretty hilarious!
These are what I consider the "pretty" ugly sweaters!
I love that he squeezed into his mom's Christmas sweater...
These two cracked me up.... his sweater is part Santa, part Indian Chief,
part Cowboy! And you can't tell, but his hat had a red bird on it! I was dying.
Our small group leaders.... love the reindeer antlers!
My sister made this bow for a Christmas gift and it made the perfect
hairbow! I just hot glued it to a hair clip. Loved it!
I bought a gingerbread house, thinking the kids that came would
have fun decorating it. BUT... only 2 of the 5 kids actually
came, and one wasn't interested in it. So the girls decorated it!
And  I'm not gonna lie...  I kind of got into it!
I definitely will want to do this again next year....
I loved seeing what everyone came up with to wear. And
maybe next year, the guys can talk Isaiah into participating!


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