Friday, December 16, 2011

**Christmas Cards 2011... and 2010**

I love getting photo Christmas cards from people,
so I decided when I got married that I would send
photo Christmas cards too =) I wanted to share this
year's Christmas card with y'all... and throw in last year's
card too.  Here's the front and back of the cards:
I bought silver tinsel garland and used a cricut to cut
out the letters, and then just hot glued them to the garland.
My sister, Rebekah, took the pictures one day when
Isaiah and I went to visit her (and her hubbie) in Louisville, KY.
We went to a local park and Rebekah just started clicking away.
It was pretty cold, so we didn't stay outside for long!
And Isaiah was such a good sport about it!!
The same evening, we uploaded the pictures to Vistaprint.
I choose an oversized postcard.  Since the garland said
"Merry Christmas," I didn't feel like it was necessary to have
the design of the card say something as well.

Here's some other pictures from that day:




AND... here's the silly pictures when we needed
to have a little fun!!

This yawn meant I was TIRED and DONE!
But it really was fun and took less than an hour.
Thanks sis for taking, uploading, and editing
the pictures for my Christmas card!!
And here's our Christmas card from 2010... since we got
married earlier that year, I decided to use a wedding picture.
This was a Vistaprint creation too....

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!
God bless!


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