Thursday, December 15, 2011

DIY Mesh Ribbon Wreath

While shopping at AC Moore one night, I saw
these mesh ribbon wreaths that I thought were really pretty -
but they were $60 and $70 each! After inspecting them
a little closer, I decided I could do it myself.  So here it is!!

 So... I bought a green garland wreath for $4 and this gold mesh 
stuff, that I'll call "ribbon" that was originally $10, but of course,
I used a coupon. There is a ton of ribbon on the spool, so it can be
used for multiple wreaths.  I also went to the Dollar store and
bought 10 clusters of round ornaments. With these items, plus my hot
 glue gun, I was set. **Just so you see the size of the mesh ribbon,
here's a stock image of it, in red**

This was SO easy - I couldn't believe anyone would charge (or pay!)
$60 for a wreath like this... All you do is gather about 10-12 inches
of ribbon, push it together, and use a piece of the garland on the wreath
to hold it down.  I have made two of these wreaths and did 6 sections on
one wreath, and 5 sections on another.  I like 6 sections better than 5.

Once the mesh ribbon sections were secure, I placed the cluster
ornaments between the mesh ribbon section, and on the inside and the
outside of the wreath. I also used a few leftover ornaments that
I had laying around to fill in some gaps where I didn't need to use
a whole cluster, but wanted a little something.  I hot glued all of these
in place.  You'll want a high temp glue gun for this.

The picture above is of the 5 section wreath. I left the inside of
this wreath plain, but you can always hang something from the middle.
On the other wreath I made with 6 sections of ribbon, I added a
snowflake ornament - I just hung it on a piece of the green garland. 

The color combinations and the variety of things you can add to
this kind of wreath are endless =) Hope you enjoyed this post... 
Next, I hope to share my Christmas cards with you!


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