Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bowtie Baby Shower

My sister, Rebekah, helped with a baby shower over the
weekend... it was so adorable! One of her friends from Louisville,
Cherish, is having a baby boy soon. Cherish's mom and mother-in-law
were the ones who threw the brunch shower, and just had Rebekah help
them with some of the crafty touches =)
I love that it was a bowtie theme - so cute and appropriate for a baby boy!
Rebekah made bowtie's out of various blue fabric patterns and added them to
a few different things throughout the shower...
bowtie mason jar drinking glasses (with adorable striped straws):

bowtie frames (painted blue) with maternity pictures

bowtie guest book instruction frame

bowtie drink dispensers

bowtie candy favor jars

Gotta say thanks to Terri Owens for giving
us these jars - they were the perfect size!
Another way that bowtie's were incorporated into the shower was by cinching in
the napkins with ribbon to make them more in the shape of a bowtie. So cute!
And seriously.... how cute are the french toast sticks in shot glasses with syrup
in the bottom? I love it! The rest of the food looks delicious too. And the
mini chalkboards are such a cute touch to label all the food and drinks =)

One of my most favorite things about this shower are the
necktie bibs that Rebekah made! So stinkin' cute!!! 

Congrats Josh and Cherish... and we all can't wait til Baby Wilson is
born so we can found out his name! It's a secret!



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