Thursday, February 28, 2013

Recovered Mom's Chairs

Over the weekend, my sister and I recovered my mom's
dining room chairs.  The right side is the OLD cushion, and
the left side is the NEW one.
Mom uses her dining room a LOT so the cushions were in
pretty bad shape.  We had dad remove the cushions from the chairs.

This is the BEFORE picture:

 We decided to get upholstery fabric to recover the chairs in.
Mom wanted the fabric to still be neutral, but a little bit darker.  We had
a total of 6 chairs to recover, so we got 2 yards of fabric from Hobby
Lobby. We laid the cushions on the fabric and cut around each cushion.
Then mom ironed each piece of fabric.
When we looked at the chair cushions, there was an edging on
the cushion. We decided we needed to glue this down so
that the new fabric would be smooth around the edge.  We were afraid
that after recovering the cushions with the new fabric that it wouldn't
lay right on the chair if it wasn't glued down.

While we were doing this, we got a little busy
chit-chatting, and hot glued my shirt to the cushion!
We placed the cushion on the fabric, and stapled the back, then
the front. Then all four corners. Then the sides. The hardest part
was making sure the edges were smooth. Since there wasn't much
of a pattern, every crease was noticeable. So we wanted to make sure
to get the fabric as smooth as possible.  It really worked well to have
two people working on this - Rebekah pulled the fabric and held it
in place while I stapled.  Also, keep in mind where the cushion will be
attached to the chair so you don't put a staple right where a screw needs to go.

Dad screwed the cushions back onto the chairs, and
here's the end result. I think they turned out really nice!!! 


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