Wednesday, February 20, 2013

DIY Tile Coasters

My sister has made hundreds (not an exaggeration!) of these over the
last year for bridal shower favors, Christmas gifts, some for both of
us to have... and we were even able to sell a bunch of them!

You won't believe how easy it is to make these....
Buy tiles at a home improvement store - just plain
white ones (they should cost about .19 cents a piece).
There are all different kinds of things that can be put on the
tile - scrapbook paper, photographs, wrapping paper, etc. I like it
best when the paper is a little smaller than the tile so that there is an
outline of the white tile around the paper. Using a foam brush, put
mod podge on the tile. Lay the paper on the tile, and smooth it out
so there aren't any air bubbles. Brush more mod podge over the paper
and let it dry. Hot glue felt on the bottom of the tile so it doesn't scratch
the furniture. If it's a gift set, wrap the coasters together with some ribbon.
It's that simple!
My sister's friend helping to cut TONS of scrapbook paper. Thanks Kathryn!
Mix and Match Coasters
Sold a bunch of coasters at a craft fair a while back
Coasters as Favors at a Bridal Shower
My fall coasters that my sister gave me... I love them!!


Patricia Dulaney

Those coasters are so beautiful. Thanks for posting this. You did a great job.-


Thanks Patricia!

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