Thursday, April 11, 2013

Baby's Name Wreath

I am SO excited to have another nephew!
Zeb Christopher Raynes was born on
Friday, April 5th, at 12:52 pm, weighing in at
at 7 lbs 1 oz!! Such a precious baby boy =) 
I got to find out the baby's first name the night before
he was born, and made this wreath on the day of. I
think it's so cute, (but something different than a diaper
wreath, which are cute too) and it matches his nursery perfectly! 
I just wrapped burlap ribbon around a straw wreath...
Hot glued the end down in place...
Mod podged scrapbook paper onto wooden letters
and let it dry.  You can see the outline of the B below...
 Then I flipped the letters over and used
a boxcutter to cut around the letters...
Then I hot glued the Z and B to the wreath, and
overlapped the E onto the other letters to glue that down.
Finished it off with a blue ribbon to hang it with. I love it!
The wreath is cute, but not nearly as cute as my brand new nephew =)
He was perfectly healthy and I'm one proud aunt!!!
And I can't leave out Zeb's big sister, Tallie... she is so
 cute with him... she affectionately named him "Monkey" while
he was in mommy's belly, so that's what everyone else started
calling him too... calling him Zeb will take some gettin' used to...
Anyways, this picture of Tallie holding her brother is so precious
so I HAD to include it =)


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