Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Church Bathroom Decorating

I redecorated the main women's bathroom at my church
recently... It was remodeled to be handicap accessible, and
I was asked to spruce it up a little.
The main area that I decorated was a little sitting area.
The first thing I found was the bench.  Then I added the
pillows and the rug.  The green floor vase with branches
was the next thing I knew I liked in that space.  I knew I
wanted a small table with a flower arrangement on the other
side of the bench (the table ended up being one of the
hardest items to find) and then I added the clock. I love the
round, metal decorative piece behind the bench.  I had a lady
from church make the curtains (thanks Marge!)  and hung them
on a shower curtain rod. I got some free wall art by framing
printables that I found online - I think they work perfectly in here!
And of course, every women's bathroom needs a full length mirror,
so I got a HUGE one! It took up a chunk of the budget, but I love it!
Daughter of God Printable (on left)
Romans 12:12 Printable (on right)


In the stalls, I hung up a couple more frames with cute printables
that I found online. The frames resembled the mirrors that were
already hung up over the counter.  In the handicap stall, I also
added a large canvas print.
 Do Not Worry Printable

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Printable

The countertop didn't have much space after soap and
tissues were set out, so all I did there was add a
flower arrangement similar to the one in the sitting area.
 There is a small area behind the door of the bathroom that I wasn't
going to do anything to, BUT I had an extra frame, and then found a
fake plant at the church that wasn't being used. My mom suggested
doing a scenery picture in this frame, and I love the one we found online =) 
 Scenic Print


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