Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Old Kentucky Home, Gala 2013

This past weekend, my husband and I got to
attend a gala for the Paramount Arts Center in
Ashland, KY.  This is the third year we've gone, and I
absolutely LOVE going!
The theme this year was "My Old Kentucky Home."
The entrance boasted two life-size horse statues, as well
as multiple carriages that served as seating for people
who needed to step outside (mainly to smoke).
Photo courtesy of Angy Hall Photography
When walking in, the focal point was a giant
picture of an old Kentucky home, complete with
the white fence that is so common in Kentucky.
The display areas on the sides of the picture were so
beautiful too! It was gorgeous.
Photo courtesy of Angy Hall Photography
During cocktail hour, there was a small band that played
old country music - a banjo, upright bass, and a couple guitars.
It made for a fun atmosphere!
Photo courtesy of Angy Hall Photography
The signature drink was some kind of Peach Arnold Palmer,
served in a mason jar with a straw.... I love mason jars!
There were four different kinds of centerpieces on
the tables, each one was just gorgeous! And the
table linens looked like burlap, but were a much
nicer quality. I just loved everything about it!
Photo courtesy of Angy Hall Photography

The food was all delicious, but my favorite presentation of food
was definitely the salad - it came with a cracker in the shape of
a horseshoe! So impressive!
Isaiah and I had a great time.... of course I love any excuse to get dressed
up! I bought the dress and rented Isaiah's tux, but didn't actually have to buy
anything else.  I did my own makeup and fingernails, a girlfriend did my hair
and toenails (thanks Tiffani!), and I already had the jewelry, shoes, and clutch. 

Got the earrings about a year ago from a street vendor in New York!
It's hard to tell, but the shoes are an animal print too!!
My friend did a great job on my hair... this is
AFTER the gala, and it still looks good!!
Love it that Leslie gets to keep coming to this
event too... Isn't this dress just stunning on her?!?
And of course, my date was the most handsome one
there!! He looks so good all dressed up, and it's not often
that I get to see him like this!!! 
In addition to dinner and dancing with a live band, there's also a silent auction
at the gala... and Isaiah and I won ALL 5 things we bid on! A bunch of
restaurant gift certificates, movie tickets, and Isaiah got some tools or
something. And at the end of the night is the big raffle ticket drawing - first
place wins $20,000!!! Maybe I'll be a big winner next year!!
It was SUCH a fun time, and I already can't wait to go back in 2014!


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