Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Yarn Wreath for Baby's Door

Another great baby shower gift!!!

I used to always make diaper wreaths to give as baby shower
gifts (click here to see). They can hang on a hospital room
door when the baby is born, and then can go home with the family
and hang somewhere in the nursery.  But if you happen to
know what the baby's nursery will be ahead of time, a custom
wreath to go with the nursery decor is such a good idea too!

I made this yarn wreath for a baby shower gift a while back...
My coworker was hosting a baby shower for a friend of hers,
someone that I didn't know.  I offered to help her decorate the night
before the shower, and it turned out that the mom-to-be was there too.
So when I found out that she didn't have anything to hang on the
the hospital door, I knew I had to make something cute for her!
I had about 16 hours to pull something together...

I found out that the baby's nursery was vintage/chic, and I didn't think a
diaper wreath really went with that kind of nursery. So I picked a soft, thin
light pink yarn and wrapped it around a straw wreath form. I made a few
rosettes out of gray and white felt, and added a few green felt leaves.
I bought some glittery letters and hot glued them onto the wreath.
Not too bad for a last minute gift, huh? Sweet and simple =)



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