Thursday, September 19, 2013

I'm 1 Proud Craft "Mom"... Fall Initial Yarn Wreath by Jodi

I just have to brag on my friend, Jodi, who has
started getting into the whole DIY wreath craze.
She wanted to get a wreath for her brother and
sister-in-law to put up at their new house. Originally,
she wanted to buy one for them, but was persuaded
that she could definitely make something herself.
And here's what she came up with:

Jodi made these flowers by watching youtube
videos - I am so impressed! The larger flowers
she hot glued to the wreath and then reinforced with
pearl corsage pins.  The smaller flowers were
attached with only the pins. I love the fun colors she
chose for the flowers, and that she made different kinds.
She found these O rings that are for curtains,
tiebacks and hangings. She looped ribbon
into the O and pinned the ribbon to the wreath
with the corsage pins. The length can easily be
changed or removed altogether. Such a cute idea =)

I'm such a proud craft mom haha! Ususally, wreaths
like this sell for $35-$40 on Etsy.  But Jodi spent just a
little over $20 on the supplies for this wreath and a little bit of
time. Definitely worth it, in my opinion! But just because
Jodi has shown me that she CAN make a wreath doesn't
mean I won't make them for her anymore... I'm in the
process of making a fall one for her right now! I should
have it finished after this weekend, as long as I can use
my hot glue gun in the car on our road trip =)


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