Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Twine Initial Wreath with Fall Colors

So back in July, I posted about this same kind of
wreath (click HERE).  But over the weekend, I
made another one of these for my friend, Jodi.
She saw the one I have and said she would like
one for fall. So what do you think?!?
I already had the paper flowers (from a bridal
shower we did a while back - click HERE) and
also had the ribbon and twine in my growing
collection of craft supplies. So the only thing I
purchased was the wooden E from Hobby Lobby.

I worked on this wreath during the drive up
to our family's cabin at Summersville Lake...
I LOVE that we have an adapter to be able
to plug in my hot glue gun in the car!
It was dark when I wanted to work on this project,
and of course I wasn't allowed to have the overhead
lights on... but luckily, my redneck husband had a head
lamp in the truck =) I really try to always have a project
to work on during a road trip - I feel so much more
productive and it makes the trip seem to go by faster.
When I brought the finished product in to work
to deliver to Jodi, I got some requests to make the
same thing from a few of my other coworkers =)

It looks great against Jodi's door =)


D Adkins

I think I am going to try one of these.. maybe try to dye the twine with orange for a more fallish look.


let me know when you do! i'd love to see it =)

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